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By Judy Gonyeau • When selecting a frame, consider the furniture and
T of a camera. Memories are made and more décor in the giftee’s home and pick out something
he holiday season often passes with a flash —
that will fit in. It is always fun to find a Mid-century
are recalled through tales and pictures big
and small on view around the house and on the
hood or for past generations in pictures dating from
phone. While Mother Nature has done her best to Modern frame for those great images from child-
take away treasured keepsakes this year, and as we the 30s through the 80s.
see so many people searching for photographs
among the remnants of her work, the 2017 holiday • A light cleaning will typically brighten up any
season is a good time to share pictures and revive the frame from the past, and if you are handy, you can
happy times of the past. So find a wonderful picture fill in missing paint, or use a wood marker to match
and give it to your loved one in a frame that suits the some faded stain here and there.
image and their home. When it comes to a metal frame, you may want
The job of a frame is to make the image it holds look to leave it alone (save for dusting) and enjoy the
its best, whether a painting, photograph, drawing or a patina that exists. If you want to shine it up, start by
simple snapshot. rubbing with a soft cloth to see what you get. Gentle
From as long ago as the 2nd century A.D., frames highlights are often a beautiful result. If you want
have been used to enhance, and often call attention that perfect shine, use a metal polish and follow the
to, paintings and portraits created on everything from These mini-mosaic frames, no taller than just directions on the box. Be sure to test a small area on
paper to canvas, tile to metal, or acrylic to glass. 2”, are from a private collection. Each piece the back of the frame or on an outside edge to see if
Frames themselves were made mostly from wood and used is hand cut and placed to create the it works as promised, and go from there.
occasionally plaster very early on, and followed furni- medley of flowers surrounding the picture. • As a general rule of thumb, photographs, original
ture and architectural trends. Over time, elaborate These are perfect for a small, personal portrait. watercolors, prints or anything on paper will need to
adornments added to the simple wood base These examples were have glass to protect it. If there is no glass included,
created frames that looked to rival the facades made in 19th century you can go to a glass business or craft store and order
of many grand homes. Italy and are worth a piece to fit the frame; and bring the frame with
When it came to images of a more personal anywhere from you for a good fit!
nature—a smaller portrait of a loved one, for $75-$350 and up, If you purchase a frame that includes glass, make
example—more personal frames were created depending upon the sure the glass has very few to no scratches, and clean
to house them. Jewelry and lockets kept a amount of detail the glass before you put in the picture. Here’s an
and condition.
picture closer to the heart sometimes with a extra tip – use an inexpensive cleaner meant for glass
lock of hair as a remembrance. and other surfaces. This seems to do the
best job!
Pick a Pic, Choose a Frame
The fun in shopping for an antique or • You may also want to include a mat
vintage frame is the variety available at shops around the image.
and flea markets and auctions. Here are If you buy an older frame with an image
some tips to consider when choosing an image and a mat included, do not re-use the mat.
and frame. Chances are it is not acid-free and will dam-
age the image over time (that “brown edge”
• As the gifter, whether you select a photo of you and the person receiving the you see around the mat on the picture is
picture, or a piece of artwork you know is just perfect for the giftee, make sure actually eating away at the piece). It is well
it is in good shape and ready to frame. You can gently use a soft cloth to remove worth the money to get an acid-free mat so
dust or, if the surface has a rougher texture, blow off the dust and “pat” a very the picture stays free of damage.
lightly damp cloth across the image. And, The key to a joyous result is
bring the picture with you when you go
frame shopping! This saves a lot of to do all things with love.
heartache when it comes to finding the
right size frame. Often the perfect frame
will be holding a mirror,
or you may want to put a
mirror into a particular
frame. It is all good.
Silver frames are especially
good for black-and-white
pictures—no matter what
their age. Another color
frame that works for black
and white? Black. It helps
to add dimension to the
picture by setting a “black
point” and allows the
eye to notice more of the
This Victorian Gilt Metal Frame nuances in those pictures.
sold for $18.95 on eBay and is most A beautiful, personal token that can hold a pair of small A standard frame for
suitable for a portrait of a family or portraits, lockets are a wonderful way to keep memories close. color photos? Gold.
individual. If you have a small hand- This Victorian Etruscan locket has applied solid gold disks
colored image, this would do nicely. and braid, and is 18k gold-filled, selling on eBay for $140.
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