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Clockpunk – It's All In The Details

Clockpunk - It's All In The Details

Rescue & Restore In the days before the Industrial Revolution, even the smallest of watch parts were carefully hand-crafted for structure and balance, then hand-finished and configured with precision to mark time in their owner’s lives. “Just look at the individual layers of these pocket watches,” says artist Susan Beatrice. “There are engravings and hand-touches […]

Thinking Outside the Box

Husband and wife team Joe and Cindy enjoy re-purposing items into jewelry and home decor. Their unique bullet jewelry is the most popular. Joe and their children, Adan and Nova, do a lot of hunting and target practice while visiting Joe’s grandparents’ ranch in Golid, Texas. Afterwards, the casings are always picked up so the […]

Repurposed Sports Equipment

Repurposed Sports Equipment

If you are the creative type and like to work with your hands, there are many websites to find creative ideas.  The images below are repurposed sports equipment from Pinterest and other sites. If you would like to share your repurposed or upcycled ideas, email Robin at       Repurposed Sports Equipment Related […]

A Cool Journey, From Farm to Functional Art

A Cool Journey, From Farm to Functional Art

Rescue and Restore Jason Tedder never considered himself an artist or even a creative person. But three and a half years ago, after a 15 year career in agriculture, the rusted and broken old pieces of farm equipment saw new life and purpose as functional art and decor. This also brought new life and purpose […]

Carrying on the Vintage Vibe

Rescue and Restore In Randall Ball’s case, if it sounds like a good idea, it’s an opportunity. After hearing from a fellow-musician buddy about an amp he saw that looked like an old TV, Randy was inspired.  So he went on eBay and purchased an old Zenith table-top radio from the late-30s and outfitted it […]

Blowing New Life into Old Glass

Blowing New Life into Old Glass

Rescue and Restore Jennifer Wanless-Craig and Terry Craig are the founders, artisans, and chief bottle washers of Artech Glassblowing Studios, a traditional glassblowing studio in the Haliburton Highlands, nestled in the rocks and woods of ghost town Tory Hill, Ontario in an old United Church. As glassblowers, Jenn and Terry follow a long line of […]

Bottled Up Designs

Bottled Up Designs - Rescue and Restore

Rescue and Restore An avid glass and bottle collector, Laura Bergman, who fashions herself a “Reclaim Artist,” has spent countless hours poking through the many old glass and bottle dumps scattered throughout the natural wooded habitats and rural farmlands where she lives in the Pennsylvania Amish Country looking for inspiration for her jewelry line based […]