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WORLD MARKETPLACE NEWS                                                         with Managing Editor Judy Gonyeau

                                              BUSINESSWIRE.COM –  On          FOX2 – A rare, antique tractor set a pair of world records at a recent
                                              May 4th (May the Fourth be      online auction. Aumann Auctions hosted its Pre-30 auction last
                                              With You), 2022, Seagate®       month, offering bidders a chance at tractor engines and vehicles built
                                              celebrated Star Wars Day with   before the 1930s. The prized lot was a 1913 Case 30-60. The J.I.
                                              the introduction of three       Case Company only built 500 of these tractors, its first attempt at a
                                              collectible hard disk drives    gas-powered vehicle. In 1913, the tractor was sold for approximately
                                              (HDD) inspired by Boba Fett™,                                      $2,500 ($72,600 adjusted for
                                              Grogu™, and The Mandalorian™.                                      inflation). Today, only five are
                                              The drives come equipped                                           known to exist. The other four
            with customizable RGB LED lighting and each design features a                                        are currently in private collec-
            default custom character light out-of-the-box. Each drive is available                               tions.  On April 21, the Case
            for $109.99 (2TB). Jeff Fochtman, senior vice president of business                                  30-60 sold for a whopping
            and marketing at Seagate Technology, stated “From the designs to the                                 $1.47 million, making it not
            functionality of the drives, this release brings a force to the battle                               only the most expensive
            stations of Star Wars enthusiasts.”                                                                  antique tractor ever sold,
                                                                                                                 but also the most expensive
                                                                                                                 tractor sold in history.
            FOX2 – An important artifact believed
            to have been lost for a century has
            been found. Following World War I,                                LVIV, UKRAINE –   The side wall of the former St. Mary
            the War Department bought Scott Field                             Magdalene Catholic church in Lviv was the location of the toilets,
            and converted it into a lighter-than-air                          where stained tiles covered layers of mold-encrusted plaster and
            (dirigibles, blimps, air balloons) station                        paint from a Soviet renovation in the 1960s. Four years ago, the new
            in 1921.  The groundbreaking hap-                                 management went looking in
            pened in 1921. A golden shovel was                                the midst of their own renova-
            used in the ceremony. Shortly thereafter, the shovel vanished from the   tions for a rumored hidden
            Wing Headquarters and it slipped into memory. Just a few weeks ago,   artwork. A scarred, century-old
            the golden shovel was discovered in a small antique shop in Bourbon,   masterpiece began to emerge – a
            Missouri. Scott Air Force Base was notified of the shovel’s whereabouts   dramatic mural by Polish
            and the shovel was purchased so it could be returned to the base.   artist Jan Henryk de Rosen.
                                                                              “This beautiful masterpiece was
                                                                              hidden for many, many
            ANTIQUE COLLECTING –  West Sussex, England auctioneers,           decades,” said Teras Demko, co-director of the Organ Hall. “During
            Bellmans, has reported the “Bridgerton Effect” has created strong   the Soviet regime, they tried to hide all mentions of anything
            demand for ceramics and antiques in their recent sale. The auction   connected to the sacred world.” De Rosen, who died in the United
                                                   house said that porcelain   States in 1982, was one of the most prominent 20th century painters
                                                   did particularly well.  A   in the world of religious art.
                                                   Royal Crown Derby
                                                   sauceboat  and goose egg
                                                   cup sold for double their                       FLORENCE, ITALY – The restoration of two
                                                   estimates at $6,800 and                         early sculptures Michelangelo Buonarroti
                                                   $300, respectively.  This                       created when he was training in the Garden
                                                   phenomenon continued                            of San Marco in Florence—Madonna of the
            across the paintings, decorative objects, and textiles sold at the April               Stairs (1490) and  Battle of the Centaurs
            auction, and shows no signs of slowing down.                                           (1491-1492)—was completed in March and
                                                                                                   the works have returned to public view. The
                                                                                                   project, approved by the Casa Buonarroti
            ECOMMERCEBYTES – First quarter financials for online market-                           Foundation, was  made possible thanks to a
            places eBay and Etsy have posted. It all boils down to this: eBay lost 5               gift from Friends of Florence. Michelangelo
            million active buyers in the first quarter (compared to the previous                   carved both reliefs during his apprenticeship in
            quarter), while Etsy added 7 million new buyers.  Reasons why                          the Garden of San Marco, where artists and
            include everything from the war in Ukraine, inflation, and gas prices to   intellectuals of Lorenzo the Magnificent’s circle would gather. He
            supply chain issues.                                              worked under the guidance of Bertoldo di Giovanni, Donatello’s last
                                                                              pupil and assistant, who died in 1491.

            CNTRAVELER – The Moulin Rouge, best known as the birthplace
            of the French Cancan, has turned into an Airbnb. Staying in the   JOAC –  Did you fall in love
            iconic 270-square-foot windmill was seen as “Less sexy boudoir and   with our May, 2022 cover? It
            Lady Marmalade, more romantic fairytale and Lady Mary.” Amplify   turns out we all did, thanks to
            Design Agency spent a month scouring flea markets and vintage     Etsy dealer “tinprincess” who
            shops sourcing materials that include                             allowed us to use this image for
            bedside tables stacked with books by                              the cover.  She offers  beautiful
            Voltaire, a vanity adorned with perfume                           vintage tins, paper, and other
            bottles, beaded necklaces, and crochet                            surprises, as noted on her
            gloves are hung over a mirror. Well worth                         vendor page. These are
            the wait to enjoy the private rooftop                             curated antiques tins with great
            terrace adorned with an ornate pagoda and                         color and condition.  Visit
            garden furniture.                                        to see more!
                                                                                                                   $65 at tinprincess on Etsy

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