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               WHAT’S SELLING ON eBay

                                                          by Philip Hawkins and Mike McLeod

            $8,250 (51 bids, 15 bidders): Antique 1840 Powder Horn, Folk Art,   They are considered scarce, but I could find several different ones that were
            Engraving, Eagle, Native American, Deer. Antique 19th century American   offered (with figure and costume differences).
            powder horn with engravings of two running deer, hunted by a Native   Here is some additional information from Steiffgal  (http://mysteifflife.
            American man with a bow and arrow. There is a patriotic eagle engraving, a 3rd generation Steiff enthusiast with a collection of 2,000:
            with “E Pluribus Unum” in a banner running through its beak. Also engraved   “Steiff’s soldier dolls were an important segment of the company’s line and
            is “T Plaser 1840.”                                               business during the first quarter of the 20th century. In a span of about 20
               The domed wood plug is attached by iron pins at the wide end, topped   years, Steiff produced examples representing German, Scottish, Moroccan,
            with a metal fastener that would have secured a leather lanyard. The surface   Turkish, Dutch, Russian, American, Belgian, French, Italian, and Austrian
            of the horn near the spout is shaved down and decorated with a serpent’s   armed forces, among others. Well over 100 distinct designs were produced
            mouth-style carving. Measurements: 11 inches long through the curve by   during this time frame; most of these patterns were made in multiple sizes.
            3 inches wide at the domed plug. Condition: Good antique condition with   However, after WWI interest in soldier dolls understandably plummeted.
            light surface wear. The small end spout plug is not intact. (Photos courtesy of   The company filled this void in the 1920s by realigning its doll production
            eBay seller skidogs1.)                                            efforts towards a series of toddler dolls, dressed animal and bear dolls, popular
                                                                              cartoon-inspired dolls, and other happy-go-lucky novelties.”
                                                                                 One variation in a field gray uniform was offered on eBay buy-it-now for
                                                                              $4,295; another Prussian soldier was offered for $975. On the auction side,
                                                                              three gray-clad soldiers have been sold since 2017 at German auction house
                                                                              Ladenburger Spielzeugauktion: in 2017 for €500; in 2018 for €1,200; 2021
                                                                              for €1,700; and in 2022 for €3,200, €3,500, and €3,600 (the last three in
                                                                              nearly pristine condition).
                                                                                 Sounds like our seller should be happy with the price received given
            PH: Powder horns are a type of powder flask made from, or in the shape of,   the condition.
            animal horns to keep black powder safe, dry and accessible. Being hollow and
            waterproof, natural horns were a perfect object for this purpose. They are
            often found polished both inside and out to allow the amount of powder   $6,950 (47 bids, 13 bidders): Large Antique Signed Roycroft Arts &
            contained to be visible. Most horns have stoppers at both ends—the larger   Crafts Secessionist Hammered Copper Bowl.  This
            for filling, and the smaller to dispense—and usually have a strap to be worn   original copper bowl measures 3.5 inches tall by 7
            over the shoulder.                                                inches in diameter and bears the Roycroft maker’s
               Decoration in the form of engraving, much like scrimshaw, is prevalent   mark logo on the bottom. It has a unique, square
            and can be simple, from just a name or initials and a date to elaborate with   openwork, Secessionist design around the top. It is in
            figures, landscapes, and symbols.                                 original condition with a hand-hammered surface and
               Signed “N. Plaser” and dated 1840, this horn is rife with iconic American   original patina. (Photos courtesy of eBay seller wwolst12.)
            symbols (a hunting Indian, a spread-wing eagle with ribbon banner, and the
            National motto) that assured auction interest and a good price.    PH: Items marked “Roycroft” were produced
               Horns were supplanted by copper flasks in the mid-19th century. Many   by The Roycroft Community, a guild of craft
            horns existed and still exist and regularly appear at auction along with deco-  workers and artists in East Aurora, NY.
            rative reproductions. Patriotic engraving, as on this horn, is desirable; names   The community was founded by Elbert
            and dates will add more interest and value. American horns with significant   Hubbard in 1895 and is considered part of
            provenance regularly bring five figures, and a significant horn dated 1775 sold   the American Arts & Crafts movement. It
            for $170,000 in 2019 at Morphy Auctions. Alexander Hamilton’s horn sold   strongly influenced American architecture
            for $94,000 in 2016. Morphy Auctions sold several quality horns in May   and design in the early 20th century. The
            2022 for $100-$8,500. Lesser antique horns regularly sell for less than $500.   village can be visited (
                                                                                 In 1902, the Roycroft Copper Shop was built and began production.
                                                                              Roycroft Vienna Secessionist designs, first created about 1910, were an early
            $4,228 (11 bids, 6 bidders): antique rare Steiff WWI              collaborative effort by Carl Kipp (1882-1954) and Dard Hunter (1883-
            German soldier doll from 1915. As the pics show, he               1966). About 1912, Kipp left Roycroft and founded the Tookay Shop, but
            has some wear. Comes with a rifle                                 he returned to Roycroft about 1916.
            and sword. (Photos courtesy of                                       A 12 x 8-inch rectangular tray of similar design to this bowl was sold at
            eBay seller racketballshar.)                                      Treadway Auctions in 2014 for $2,800, and a similar design, lidded, square
                                                                              box was sold at Ashcroft & Moore Auctions in 2017 for $8,500. A similar
            PH: In 1892, the first illustrated                                design copper and silver lidded stein was sold at Rago Arts & Auction in
            Steiff catalog included stuffed                                   2017 for $12,500.
            animals—monkeys,     donkeys,                                        The most expensive Roycroft/Kipp items I found reported at auction were
            horses, camels, pigs, dogs, cats,                                 sold during 2010-12, including a jewelry box for $22,000 and two silver and
            hares, and giraffes—and character                                 copper ferneries for $27,000 and $80,000. Prices may have moderated since
            figures. During the 1910s and                                     then, or great items are currently just not coming to market. Less iconic
            through WWI, adjustments were made in the catalog based on demand and   design pieces by Kipp can be had for several hundred dollars at auction.
            available materials, including wood and paper. We are most familiar with the
            popular and prevalent animals and teddy bears Steiff produced. Not as often   Philip Hawkins, ISA AM, AAG, is an accredited member of the International
                                                                                  Society of Appraisers and a founding member of the Appraisers Association of
            seen, however, are the character figures of soldiers produced just before WWI.
                                                                                    Georgia. He can be reached via the ISA website or at 404-320-7275.
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