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                                   2023 Show Directory

                                 JOURNAL OF ANTIQUES AND COLLECTIBLES                                       JOURNALOFANTIQUES.COM

            July 19: Sandwich, MA                       July 19-22: York, PA                        July 21-22: Peoria, IL
            The Sandwich Flea Market                    2023 Antique Advertising Association of     Aladdin Gathering & 33rd Annual Int’l
            Oakcrest Cove,                              America (AAAA) Annual Convention            Lamp Show & Sale
            34 Quaker Meeting House Road                Wyndham Garden Hotel,                       Hilton East Peoria Riverfront Hotel &
            6am-12 Noon                                 2000 Loucks Road                            Conference Center,
            Lisa, 508-685-2767                          Wed. 7-10pm, Thur. and Fri. 8am-10pm,       100 Conference Center Drive
                     Sat. 8am-10am                               Fri. 2-5:30 pm, Sat. 9am-3pm
                                                        Paul Lefkovitz, 317-501-3832                National Assoc. of Aladdin Lamp Collectors
            July 19-22: New Orleans, LA       ,         John or Cheryl Parsons, 573-253-7017
            American Cut Glass Association
            2023 Convention and Dealer Show             July 20: Westmoreland, NH                   July 21-22: Eagan, MN
            Ritz Carlton Hotel, 921 Canal Street        The Tailgate                                Land of Lakes Postcard & Paper Show
            Gary and Suzanne Sexton, Chairs             Flying Pig Antiques,                        Eagan Community Center,
                   867 Rt. 12                                  1501 Central Parkway
            Event Registration and Schedule available online   9am Sharp!                           Fri. 9am-6pm, Sat. 9am-4pm
                              Kris, 508-867-4466; Ian, 860-208-7809       Mary L. Martin, LTD, 410-939-0999

                    THE DEERFIELD ANTIQUE SHOW

                                                                                               EXHIBITOR LIST

                                                                                American Antiques   Farrin’s Antiques    Thos. Moser
                                                                                Antiques & Tyme     Firehouse Antiques   Mountain Rugs
                                                                                Aquetuck Antiques   Elaine Fleming       Scherre Mumpower
                                                                                Chuck Auerbach      Mario Gauthier       New England Seasons
                                                                                Back Door Antiques   William Graham      Michael O’Brien
                                                                                Steven Bellman      Evan Grant           Ozias Antiques
                                                                                Benting & Jarvis    Green Feather Antiques   Ken & Robin Pike
                                                                                Bitnner & Bock      Matt Grieg           John Prunier
                                                                                Warren Broderick    Gurley Antiques      Pat Reese/ John Rice
                                                                                Camille Buda        Thor Hilmar Antiques   Jon Rider
                   Featuring 75 Selected Exhibitors of Fine Antiques,           Stephen C. Burkhardt   Bud Hughes        Shirley D. Quinn
                        Americana, and Decorative Accessories                   Brett Cabral        Paula Idzik          Cheryl Anne Reed
                                                                                Candleglow Antiques   Vee Kausel         K.C. Scanlon
                            Admission $15 or $8 after 11am                      Cherry Gallery      Matt King            Scott’s Antiques
                              Mention this ad for $2 OFF                        Country Love        Emily Lampert        Brian Shea
                                                                                Nancy Craig         Betty Anne Lavallee   Stone Block Antiques
                                                                                Mimi Cutler         Log House Antiques   Sue Sorg
                             Monday, August 7th                                 Stephen Cyr         Gregory Lovell Antiques   L.K. Spowart
                                                                                Mary de Buhr        Lanny Lumbert        Chris Stanley
                                  9 am to 3 pm                                  DocEngine           Joe Martin           Thomas M. Thompson
                                                                                Eagle Antiques      David McLean         Roger Williams
                                                                                Erb’s Antiques      Lynn Morin           Z & K Antiques
                34 Stage Road, Deerfield, New Hampshire                           Fine Daguerreotypes & Photography   Robert & Donna Moore
                                                                                     Jim LeFurgy & Judy Waner   Kim Reed Antique Oriental Rugs
                              • Shuttle to Parking •                                  Diane Marsden Antiques      Michael & Lucinda Seward

              Joshua Gurley (207) 229-0403                                                                          Rachel Gurley (207) 396-4255

            2           Journal of Antiques and Collectibles  Updated 2023 Show Directory
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