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August 14-20: Bouckville, NY                August 24: Westmoreland, NH                  August 26-27: Raleigh, NC
            PJK Antique Field                           The Tailgate                                 Old North State Antique Gun & Military
            6842 Route 20                               Flying Pig Antiques,                         Antiques Show
            315-630-0787,     867 Rt. 12                                   North Carolina Fairgrounds,
                                                        9am Sharp!                                   4285 Trinity Road
            August 15-20: Bouckville, NY                Kris, 508-341-6870                           Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm
            Cider House Showfield,                      Ian, 860-208-7809                            The Carolina Trader, Richard Shields
            Madison Bouckville Antique Week   
            6769 State Route 20                                                            
            Opens Tues. 8am                             August 25-27: Boxboro, MA
            315-825-8477                                New England Wizardfest                       August 27: Sandwich, MA
              Magic, Magicians, Literature,                The Sandwich Flea Market
          Potterdom, Oddities                          Oakcrest Cove,
                                                        Boxboro Regency Hotel,                       34 Quaker Meeting House Road
            August 16: Damariscotta, ME                 242 Adams Place                              7am-12 Noon
            24th Annual Coastal Antiques Show           Fri 3-8pm, Sat.9am-6pm, Sun. 9am-5pm         Lisa, 508-685-2767
            Great Salt Bay Community School,            Gary Sohmers                       
            559 Maine Street                  
            10am-3pm                                                    August 30: Sandwich, MA
            Maine Antiques Dealers Association                                                       The Sandwich Flea Market
            Elizabeth DeSimone, 800-641-6908            August 25-27: Cheyenne, WY                   Oakcrest Cove,
                             Cheyenne Western Collectibles                34 Quaker Meeting House Road
                         Show & Auction                               6am-12 Noon
                                                        Laramie County Event Center at Archer,       Lisa, 508-685-2767
            August 16: Sandwich, MA                     3801 Archer Pkwy.                  
            The Sandwich Flea Market                    Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 9am-2pm
            Oakcrest Cove,                              Scott Tarbell, 913-406-8057
            34 Quaker Meeting House Road                                  September
            6am-12 Noon                                             August 31-September 5: Palmer, MA
            Lisa, 508-685-2767                                                                       Marier’s Antique Flea Market
                     August 26: Dover, NH                         1628 Park Street (Route 20)
                                                        Dover Antique and Vintage Market             7am-4pm
            August 19: S. Yarmouth, MA                  Dover Elks Lodge,                            781-324-4400
            47th Mid Cape/Barnstable Antiques           282 Durham Road                    
            Show & Sale                                 Early Buying 8am, Open 9am-Noon    
            Mid Cape Tennis Club, 193 Whites Path       Rachel Gurley, 207-396-4255
            Sat. 10am-3pm                                     September 2-3: Stormville, NY
            Goosefare Antiques & Promotions                                                          Stormville Airport Antique Show
            Elizabeth DeSimone, 800-641-6908            August 26: Osterville, MA                    & Flea Market
                             3rd ‘Antiques at the Academy’                Stormville Airport,
                     Antiques Show & Sale                         428 Rt. 216
                                                        The Founder’s Gym at Cape Cod Academy,       8am-4pm, Rain or Shine
            August 20: Nashua, NH                       50 Osterville West Barnstable Rd             845-221-6561
            EBW Promotions Monthly Coin Show            10am-3pm                           
            Eagle’s Wing Function Center,               Goosefare Antiques & Promotions
            10 Spruce Street                            Elizabeth DeSimone, 800-641-6908             September 3: Alameda, CA
            9am-2pm                                                       Alameda Point Antiques Faire
            EBW Promotions, 978-658-0160                          3900 Main Street
                         August 26: Hartford, CT                      Michaan’s Auctions
                                                        84th Papermania Plus                         510-522-7500
            August 20: Sandwich, MA                     Antique Paper Show                 
            The Sandwich Flea Market                    XL Center,
            Oakcrest Cove,                              1 Civic Center Plaza                         September 3: Sandwich, MA
            34 Quaker Meeting House Road                10am-5pm                                     The Sandwich Flea Market
            7am-12 Noon                                 Hillcrest Promotions, 860-280-8339           Oakcrest Cove,
            Lisa, 508-685-2767                                       34 Quaker Meeting House Road
                                                                  7am-12 Noon
                                                        August 26-27: Brookline, NH
            August 23: Sandwich, MA                     Annual Gun and Knife Show                    Lisa, 508-685-2767
            The Sandwich Flea Market                    Brookline Event Center,
            Oakcrest Cove,                              32 Proctor Hill Road
            34 Quaker Meeting House Road                Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 9am-3pm
            6am-12 Noon                                 603-673-4474, 603-582-4491
            Lisa, 508-685-2767                

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