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Madison Historical Society Presents Summer Festival

            of Art and Antiques August 26

            MADISON, CT – The Madison Historical                                                     beautifully restored 1940 Ford pickup truck.
            Society will host a Summer Festival of Arts                                                Just steps from the Fair is Lee’s Academy,
            and Antiques on Saturday, August 26 from 9                                               home to the MHS administrative offices. The
            a.m. to 4 p.m. (rain or shine) on the Madison                                            Society is pleased to offer the community a
            Town Green.                                                                              preview of the newly restored Lee’s Academy
               This end-of-summer celebration of art,                                                on Madison’s historic green. For nearly three
            antiques, and family fun will feature over 30                                            years, this iconic town structure has been
            vendors of fine antiques and collectibles from                                           under construction. Slated to open later this
            across the region, selling ceramics, furniture,                                          year, the space will be called the Madison
            glass, jewelry, kitchenware, linens, memorabilia,                                        Center for History and Culture. The MCHC
            pottery, toys, vintage accessories, and more.                                            will celebrate the town’s rich cultural heritage
               Additionally, an art exhibition and sale will                                         and will be a meeting space for all to enjoy.
            be mounted by members of the Madison Art    doll making, bookbinding, pottery molding,   Please stop by Lee’s Academy to view its
            Society. This showcase of original works by   and pottery decoration will also be featured.   progress and learn more about the restoration
            local artists will feature a variety of media,   Crafters will sell their wares and offer   process.
            including oils, watercolors, acrylics, pastels,   instruction on these pre-industrial trades.    The Madison Historical Society’s Summer
            drawings, and sculptures. Plein-air painting   A classic car show of antique vehicles will   Festival of Art and Antiques takes place on
            demonstrations will also be offered by select   be another highlight of the day. Among other   Friday, August 26, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain
            artists during the event.                   vehicles, visitors will be able to see a Stanley   or shine. Admission is $6, and $3 for teens.
               Live demonstrations of traditional crafts   Steamer dating from the early 1900s, a    For a $1 discount, bring a copy of the ad in
            such as bobbin lace weaving and spinning,   Triumph TR6 in mint condition, and a         the Journal.

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             ODEDEESSAESSAAA                                                        at

             ANTIQUE SHNTIQUE  SHHOW & SALEHOW &  SALE EE                          AUGUST 20

                                             & 1
              w                          1   TH  & 1   THH
                                                                                                             Clip this ad and get $1 off POF admission
                           EARLY ADMISSION O ON

                        S SATURDAY, AUGUSST 1  TH                                          Short
                             2pm to 6pm                   & Sweet
                      $15 5 (includes re-entry on n Sunday)  9:00 AM
                        S SUNDAY, AUGUSTT, 1  TH                                          SHARP!   2023 DATES
                             8am to 4pm
                             $                                                                        Thursday, March 23rd
                       CHHILDREN UNDER 15 FREEHILDREN UNDER 15 FREE            Thursday, April 13th
                                          E E
                                                         Shop Opens at 8:00 a.m.
                                  For furrther information contacct:  Equal Opportunity   Thursday, May 25th
                         2 HOURS                                  TO OTTAWA  Karren Leacock-Brown
                      HWY 15                             Dealers & buyers       Thursday, June 22nd
                                    Celll. 613.391.8331 or
             2  1//22 HOURS TO TORONTO  2 1/2 HOURS TO MONTREAL2  Bus. 613.396.6888  Field opens at 9 am   Thursday, July 20th
               HWY 401            karenleeacockbrown@gmail.coom
                     KINGSTON                            No set-up before      Thursday, August 24th
                 WILTON                                 RD.  10 MINUTES
                 EXIITT 599  IVY LEA BRIDGE  Held  at the Odessa Fairgrounds  Free admission
               HWY 2      40 MINUTES TO                                  USA  Thursday, September 14th
                                     100 miles west of Kingston,

                   ODESSA                                  FAIRGGROUNDS  $45 set-up fee, antiques only

                                 just south  of the 401, exit 599 (Wilton R  Rd.)  Thursday, October 19th
               VISIT OUR YEAR                MARKETTT
                               OPEN ALL  YEAR                                         Thursday, November 16th      August 12, 10-4 pm
                                •7 days a wweek•   E Exit 570
                               Mon to Sat:100am-5pm                                         9  4  H I G HWA AY Y                                        0 4  1                                          D  RD  .  August 13, 10-3 pm
                               Sundays: 11aam-5pm  Y   AY  WA  Tompkins                                         O  T  O m  N  Questions?   Admission $6
                                            H  G  By The Bay                                         R
                                613.396.66888  I  H  Complex  S 5 k  E  E  Call Ian 860-208-7809 or Kris 508-341-6870  Cerow Recreation Park
                                            D D U U N N D D A A S S                                        T T.                                        H H ( ( .  I I G G H HW WA AY AY Y Y                                        ) ) 2 2) ) ) )  D  615 East Line Road, Clayton
                                              S ST
                                                 WA A
     501 Dundas Streeet, PO Box 350, Deseronto, ON  K0K 1XX0                                          Flying Pig Antiques, 867 Rt 12, Westmoreland, NH 03467   Visit for details.
                                 (5 km south of f the 401, west of Deseronto Road. Exit 570)

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