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Life in Mourning
September 2022
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October 2022
October 2022
Life in Mourning
19th century gentlemen

What’s inside:

The Evolution of Mourning Wear

Mourning Jewelry

The History and Collectibility of Urns

Mourning Warehouses

September 2022
September 2022
Shaker Life
March 2022 Barnstorming thru History

What’s inside:

Willis Henry: The Shaker Experience |
‘Tis a Gift: Shaker Craftsmanship |
The Shakers Get Fancy | The Rise and Fall of the Enfield, CT Shakers

August 2022
August 2022
Our Old Houses

What’s inside:

Building the White House | These Old Houses | Our (Very) Old House | Dating & Preservation at Colonial Williamsburg

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What’s inside:

Every culture – ever religion – every person mourns in their own way. The sentiment behind that expression, however, is universal; honoring a loved one in a way that publicly […]

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Mount Lebanon sewing carrier, made of brown-stained & varnished gumwood, 1920s-40s. Inset: Interior of Mount Lebanon carrier is purple brocade, with matching pincushion.

By Diane Dolphin (Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are by the author, Diane Dolphin. All items shown are currently or formerly in the collection of the author.)   When people […]   Read more >>

Publisher's Corner

Every culture – every religion – every person – mourns in their own way. The sentiment behind that expression, however, is universal: honoring a loved one in a way that publicly […]   Read more >>

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