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                                 SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA  –  A couple saw          NYT – Global sales of art and antiques in 2020 were estimated to have
                                 brushes and paint cans in front of a paint-  declined by 22% from the previous year, according to the latest annual
                                 splattered canvas at a gallery in a Seoul shop-  Art Basel and UBS Art Market report. The 359-page report, the most
                                 ping mall. So they added a few brush strokes,   comprehensive analysis of the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on the
                                 assuming it was a participatory mural. Not quite:   international art trade to date, found that combined dealer and auction
                                 The painting was a finished work by an       house sales totaled $50.1 billion, their lowest level since the financial
                                 American artist whose abstract aesthetic riffs on   crisis of 2009. “It could have been a lot worse than it was,” said economist
                                 street art. The piece is worth more than     Clare McAndrew, the author of the report. “The second half of the year
                                 $400,000, according to the organizers of the
                                 exhibition that featured the painting.  The art-
                                 work is displayed with paint cans, brushes and
                                 shoes that the artist used when he worked on
                                 it,  one of the exhibition’s organizers, Kang
                                 Wook, said.  “There were guidelines and a
                                 notice, but the couple did not pay attention.”
                                 The artist, JonOne, said he was disappointed and
                                 angry that his work had been “defaced,” although
                                 some people have said the publicity could work
                                 in his favor. “Art should be religious,” he said.   was better for a lot of people. There was a huge shift to online sales,
                                 “You don’t paint on a church.” The restoration   and some galleries in Asia came back really strongly.” The report found
                                 could cost about $9,000, he added, and the insur-  that online sales of art and antiques reached an estimated high of $12.4
                                 ance company may find the couple partially liable   billion in 2020, double the previous year.  61% of the 365 fairs
                                 for the cost. “But we are concerned,” he added,   planned for 2020 were canceled but that the majority of those
                                 “because there are many comments saying that   scratched events had offered either online viewing rooms or some
                                 the artwork should not be restored, and      other digital alternative. As a result, dealers reported making 22% of
                                 remain as it is.”                            their annual sales from fairs, including the online viewing rooms,
                                   The part of the large painting affected by the vandalism  about half the percentage that they were taking from fairs in 2019.

                                                                              ABC7 –  Police are searching for the
            FOX NEWS – Italian police say they have recovered a 1st century   suspects who stole a three-feet-tall
            Roman statue that was stolen from an archaeological site in 2011 and   Stormtrooper statue from outside a
            found in a Belgian antiques shop by                               business on Long Island. The statue was
            two off-duty Italian art squad police offi-                       stolen from Blast from the Past on 125
            cers. Two members of the art squad’s                              West Main Street in Bay Shore on
            archaeological unit were on assign-                               April 1. The statue, which is valued to
            ment in Brussels when they took a                                 be between $300-$400, has been
            walk after work in the Sablon neighbor-                           replaced with an R2D2 figurine and a
            hood that is known for its antiques                               Freddy Krueger character. The investi-
            shops. They spotted a marble statue in                            gation into the stolen Stormtrooper is
            a shop that they suspected was from                               ongoing as of press time.
            Italy, and confirmed their suspicions
            when they cross-referenced the work
            with a database of known stolen antiqui-                          CENTRALJERSEY.COM –  The Historical Society of Princeton
            ties. The “Togatus” statue, featuring a                           (HSP) will present its first-ever virtual house tour from May 15
            headless Roman wearing a draped toga, has a value of $120,000. It was   through June 15. This signature event will feature on-demand, multi-
            stolen in November 2011 from the Villa Marini Dettina archaeological   media content for participants to navigate at their leisure throughout
            site on the outskirts of the capital, the statement said.         the entire month.  Each house will host  an in-depth portal where
                                                                                                                           participants can dive
                                                                                                                           into videos showing
            JAYSBRICKBLOG.COM –  LEGO has officially revealed the next                                                     descriptive details,
            series of Collectible Minifigures featuring iconic Looney Tunes charac-                                        room by room,
            ters. Each of the finely crafted, highly detailed LEGO minifigures comes                                       with spotlights on
            in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with one or more accessory elements to add                                           the house’s history,
                                                        to the action and                                                  distinctive furnish-
                                                        fun, plus a collec-                                                ings and artwork,
                                                        tor’s overview leaflet.                                            remodels and rest-
                                                        The choice to do    orations, and architectural features. Houses participating in the tour
                                                        a Looney Tunes        include a c. 1770 house that features a remarkably well-preserved
                                                        minifigures series is   large hearth fireplace with beehive oven, hand-hewn beams, and
                                                        quite an interesting   half-timberwork. The 19th century dining room showcases a Delft tile
                                                        one by LEGO,  as      fireplace. You can buy tickets at or click here.
                                                        these characters aren’t
                                                        the household names
                                                        that they used to be,   THE GLOBE AND MAIL –  On trend for pickers linked to home
            but with a new Space Jam movie and rebooted animated series, per-  designers: glass Murano mushroom lamps, “pastel eighties South Beach
            haps it’s time for Bugs Bunny and the gang to reclaim the limelight.   Miami version of art deco,” chenilles of the 1950s and hippie boho,
                                                                              bold textiles – think yards of deadstock corduroy in hazard orange.

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