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The History of                                                    PatsPots and Antique Articles

            Madison  By James Ford                                            in Bouckville Antique Pavilion

               The Town of Madison was settled in                             BOUCKVILLE, NY – Patti Bourgeois and Sandie Fowler have joined
            the early 1790s, shortly after the conclusion                     forces for the August Madison-Bouckville (M-B) event. Both have
            of the American Revolution. Our first citizens                    participated in the August M-B week since 1990, starting in the Big
            came from New England, seeking fertile lands                      Field. This year, PatsPots and Antique Articles will be selling together
            for farming. They certainly found such land here and began to raise   in the Antique Pavilion field under one large 20 x 40-foot tent. Patti
            grain crops, cattle, and other animals for sale in the Albany market.     will be selling American and European art pottery along with Japanese
               Communities were initially established at the Indian Opening, just   woodblock prints, and Sandie will offer antique tiles and vintage metal
            north of Madison Lake, a farming and fishing area used for generations   bookends amongst various and sundry small collectibles. Look for the
            by the Oneida Indian Nation, and at Madison Center, located on the   “POTTERY” and “ANTIQUE TILE” signs on the tent.
            first highway from Sangerfield to the growing settlement of Hamilton.   For their many loyal customers this move will allow shoppers to
               With the construction of the Third Great Western Turnpike, later   enjoy browsing in a large open area that protects shoppers from the hot
            known as the Cherry Valley Turnpike and today as Rte. 20, the Village   August sun and rain. New customers will discover a treasure trove of
            of Madison (incorporated in 1816) and the hamlet of Bouckville were   pottery and antique tiles that work with any decor. There is also a
            settled to take advantage of the new trade route. The completion of the   variety of select estate-fresh items ready for purchase.
            Chenango Canal in 1836 led to the growth of our other township       If you have questions and/or specific requests, please contact Patti at
            community, Solsville, and to the further growth of Bouckville.    774-644-0195 and/or Sandie at 978-877-7093. They look forward to
            Mercantile establishments were opened to serve the needs of the   seeing everyone at their new Bouckville location near the center gate
            surrounding agricultural community.                               between Cider House and Antique Pavilion fields.
               What began as subsistence farming and grain production was soon
            supplemented by the growing of hops. James D. Coolidge grew the first   Mott’s produced vinegar, cider, and apple champagne and sold to
            hops in Madison County and started a boom that would last until the   markets as far away as England and Argentina. A disastrous fire in 1931
            mid-20th century.  Fortunes were made and lost on the hop market –   ended production in Bouckville in favor of other Mott’s facilities in the
            many of the fine, old homes in the township are a testimony to the   Albany and Rochester areas. What began in Bouckville continues to be
            good years of the hops industry.                                  a trusted name today.
               The arrival in Bouckville of Samuel R. Mott in 1868 led to the    The Town of Madison also produced fine baseball teams and
            beginnings of a nationally-known brand. Mr. Mott formed a         individual players. Madison had a quality “nine,” but the Bouckville
            partnership with two other producers of cider and vinegar and two   Summits became the most famous semi-pro team in Central New York
            years later controlled the firm. With his son, John C. Mott, the firm   from the 1860s to the 1930s. Seven Summits players signed major
            grew and new buildings were constructed. J.C. Mott had his cider mill   league contracts at some level, with two – Lewis “Snake” Wiltse and his
            in New York City and Samuel Mott built his new complex on the site   brother, George “Hooks” Wiltse, reaching the majors with the
            of what is now Jim Dutcher’s Show Field.                          Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Giants respectively.

               EAST EXPO FIELD                                                              Butternut Hill


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