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Lichtenstein’s Reverie,                     Lucy L’Engle painting,                       Copy of Phantom Lady No. 17,
            $212,813, Bonham’s                          $50,000, Bakker Auctions                     $456,000, Heritage Auctions
                           Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic Pop                      An oil on canvas                     A copy of  Phantom Lady  No.
                           Art work Reverie, from 11 Pop                      by Lucy L’Engle                      17 (1948), with cover art by
                           Artists Portfolio, Vol. II (Corlett                (Amer., 1889-1978),                  Matt Baker, graded CGC
                           38), 1965, sold for $212,813                       titled Martha Graham                 NM+9.6, sold for $456,000
                           at a sale of Prints & Multiples                    Dance Composition                    at a sale of The Promise
                           held May 26th by Bonhams in                        (1931), of the dance                 Collection, all high-grade
                           New York City. Also, Andy                          troupe performing in                 Golden Age comic books from
                           Warhol’s  Rebel Without a    the dunes, sold for $50,000 at a Summer Online             the 1940s, held June 18th by
            Cause (James Dean) knocked down for         Fine Arts auction held June 5th by Bakker                  Heritage Auctions in Dallas,
            $162,813; Lichtenstein’s work Still Life went for   Auctions in Provincetown, MA. Also, an oil   TX. Also, a copy of Detective Comics No. 140,
            $187,813; Warhol’s  Van Heusen (Ronald      painting by Edith Lake Wilkinson (Amer.,     featuring the first appearance of  The Riddler,
            Reagan) from Ads (1985) fetched $44,062; and   1868-1957), titled  Unitarian Universalist   graded CGC NM+9.6, also realized $456,000;
            Warhol’s  Bald Eagle, from  Endangered Species   Church, realized $6,875; and a painting by Karl   and a copy of  Mask Comics  No. 1 (1945),
            (1983) hit $125,312.                        Knaths (Amer., 1891-1971), titled  Interior,   graded CGC VF+8.5, finished at $102,000.
                                                        gaveled for $6,250.
            Rev-War discharge form,                                                                  JFK birthday program,
            $18,750, Skinner, Inc.                      Joseph Severn oil painting,                  $29,232, RR Auction
                                                        $31,250, Auctions at Showplace
                           A George Washington-signed                                                              An original program for
                           Revolutionary War printed                    An oil on canvas painting by               President Kennedy’s birthday
                           discharge form for a soldier in              Joseph Severn, titled Angelica             celebration, held in May 1962
                           the 2nd New York Regiment                    Rescued, sold for $31,250 at               in New York City, signed by
                           sold for $18,750 at a Historic               an Estates auction held June               many of the luminaries who
                           Manuscripts & Rare Books                     6th by Auctions at Showplace               were there (including Marilyn
                           Auction held May 13th by                     in New York City. Also, a                  Monroe), sold for $29,232 in
                           Skinner, Inc. in Boston. Also,               bronze sculpture by Gertrude               an auction held May 25-June
                           a 1787 sworn oath testifying                 Vanderbilt Whitney, titled   16 by RR Auction in Boston, MA. Also, a set of
                           to a debt owed by a          Head for Titanic Memorial (circa 1915-1916),   oversized and signed Wizard of Oz photos made
            Philadelphia sailmaker signed by Benjamin   brought $37,500; a vintage Van Cleef & Arpels   $62,500; a William Penn signed letter and
            Franklin realized $10,000; and the 1863 Civil   18kt yellow gold link bracelet made $28,125;   document on Captain Kidd’s treasure hit
            War diary of Lincoln Ripley Stone, surgeon of   and a 17th century ink drawing on paper by   $55,263; and an Albert Einstein handwritten
            the all-black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer   Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, titled  Almond   scientific manuscript brought $38,781.
            Regiment, made $11,250.                     Seller, went for $21,250.
                                                                                                     Andy Warhol’s watch,
            1830 center table,                          Roman marble sculpture,                      $150,000, Christie’s
            $46,875, Doyle                              $137,500, Hindman
                                                                                                                     Pop    Art   icon   Andy
                              A circa 1830 Continental                 A 1st or 2nd century A.D.                     Warhol’s Patek Philippe
                              center table, probably                   Roman marble sculpture of                     Calatrava 18kt yellow gold
                              German, having a gilt-                   Eros riding a dolphin sold for                watch, reference 570, sold
                              wood base lavishly carved                $137,500 at an Antiquities &                  for $150,000 in an online
                              with lions, Bacchic masks                Ancient Art auction held May                  Watches Auction held June
                              and floral swags support-                27th by Hindman in Chicago.                   8-22 by Christie’s in New
                              ing an alabaster top sold                Also, a 2nd century A.D.                      York City. Also, a Patek
            for $46,875 at an English & Continental                    Roman marble lower torso of a                 Philippe watch, reference
            Furniture & Decorative Arts auction held May   Satyr rang up $75,000; a Greek marble funerary            3990EP, in platinum set
            26th by Doyle in New York City. Also, a     stele of Eurynome from the early 4th century                 with diamonds, gaveled for
            German gilt-brass compass by Christopher    B.C. achieved $56,250; a marble panther head  $200,000; a Cartier Crash in pink gold rose
            Schissler (circa 1531-1608) from 1566       from 2nd or 3rd century ancient Greece earned  to $137,500; a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch,
            commanded $43,750. Overall, the auction     $68,750; and a Roman marble portrait head of  reference 3800, brought $52,500; and a Rolex
            totaled $762,623 against a pre-sale high    Emperor Trajan fetched $43,760.              reference 6036 steel triple calendar watch
            estimate of $690,100.                                                                    topped out at $187,500.
                                                        Tiffany stained glass window,
            Kurt Cobain drawing,                        Fontaine’s Auction Gallery                   Thurston magician poster,
            $281,250, Julien’s Auctions                                                              $10,200, Potter & Potter
                                                                         A leaded and stained glass
                            A self-portrait caricature                   window by Tiffany Studios,                        A  Thurston, World’s
                            drawing by Nirvana front-                    titled  Sunset and Evening                        Greatest  Magician
                            man Kurt Cobain, created                     Star (circa 1910), sold for                       linen backed color
                            during the group’s 1992                      $139,150 at a two-session                         litho poster from
                            Nevermind     promotional                    auction held May 22nd and                         1909    sold    for
                            tour, sold for $281,250 at a                 29th by Fontaine’s Auction                        $10,200 at a Summer
                            Music Icons auction held                     Gallery in Pittsfield, MA.                        Magic Sale held June
                            June 11-13 by Julien’s                       Also, a monumental English   19th by Potter & Potter Auctions in Chicago,
                            Auctions in Los Angeles.                     carved oak tall case clock   IL. Also, a 1960s-era spun aluminum Ken
            Also, Alex Van Halen’s 1980 Invasion tour and                having a pair of 3-foot-tall   Brooke Master Chop Cup, owned and used by
            Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum displayed   putti at the base, dated 1793, 11 feet 10 inches   British magician Paul Daniels (1938-2016)
            Ludwig drum set fetched $230,400; Prince’s   tall, chimed on time for $127,050; and a    made $19,200; a Wine and Water Change made
            1994  Blue Cloud electric guitar brought    Tiffany “Aquamarine” paperweight, circa 1918,   in Hamburg by Cal Willmann around 1910
            $281,250; and an Eddie Van Halen-owned      6 inches by 6 inches, went for $50,820.      went for $16,800; and an archive of Robert
            guitar hit $210,225.                                                                     Harbin ephemera rose to $12,000.

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