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            ROBB REPORT – Rock                                                THE CHRONICLE – Longtime
            ‘n Roll royalty has passed                                        friends Chris Lopez and Isaiah
            through the doors of                                              Brown had been  dreaming of
            this magnificent London                                           opening a sneaker store for years,
            mansion built in 1775 by                                          but it wasn’t until they combined
            eminent architect and                                             their idea with two other passions
            engineer Robert Mylne for                                         that they were finally ready to go
            Lady St. Aubyn.  For the                                          into business:  SneakerHeadz
            past quarter century, The                                         Barber Shop in Sheffield Village,
            Wick, as the house is known, has been home to legendary The Who   Ohio, offers new and pre-owned shoes, vintage clothing and haircuts
            lead guitarist and co-founder Pete Townshend.                     all under the same roof. “Sneakers and barbers, they pretty much go
               Perched on a hilltop in the leafy West London suburb of Richmond   hand in hand for this generation,” he said. “It worked out perfectly.”
            upon Thames, with jaw-dropping views of the River Thames below—the
            view is so special it is protected by a 1902 British Act of Parliament—this
            four-story, six-bedroom mansion offers over 8,500-square-feet of                            YAHOOLIFE – Having just finished with
            interior space. Before Townshend bought it, it had been owned by                            the July fashion shows in Venice,  the
            Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood who had converted the home’s one-time                           Rome-based fashion house Valentino is
            billiards room into a recording studio.                                                     working on another project that will see
               But don’t expect too much negotiation on price; Mr. Townshend                            the light by the end of the year.
            is only accepting offers “in excess of $20.8 million.”                                      According to the rumors, Valentino, and
                                                                                                        its creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli,
                                                                                                        are forging partnerships with a number
                                       THE SCOOP –  Before  The Suicide                                 of vintage stores  around the world.
                                       Squad hits theaters in August, “Task                             Owners of Valentino vintage pieces will
                                       Force X” is getting the Funko Pop vinyl                          be encouraged to submit them to the
                                       treatment. This next level of movie col-                         boutiques in exchange for store credit to
                                       lectible by Funko has revealed designs for   use on new Valentino collections. Sustainability is also a key element
                                       the team of supervillain screwups, which   of this initiative. The couture house has increasingly been focusing
                                       includes ten new Pop designs.  Harley   on environmental issues, announcing in May that it would go fur-free
                                       Quinn is getting three designs – one in   starting in 2022.
                                       her body suit,  an Amazon exclusive of
                                       her in a red dress curtsying, and a Target
                                       exclusive in the red dress holding a   WFMZ.COM – A pair of auction houses in the eastern United States
            weapon, which is only right since Margot Robbie is back in the role.   and an online marketplace from France recently
                                                                              became industry partners with Atlanta-based
                                                                              WorthPoint Corporation. The three compa-
            KTVQ-TV, BILLINGS MT – Thanks to a new city parking plan, two     nies, which include Paris-based Antikeo,
            vintage/antique stores in downtown Billings, Montana are enjoying   Freeport, ME-based Casco Bay Auctions, and
            the extra parking now available right in front of their shops. “Back-  Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates of Mt. Crawford,
            In Only” parking                                                  VA will supply current and historical sales data
            spots have been created                                           to WorthPoint’s growing Price Guide database.
            along city streets to                                             Bruno Morazzoni, founding partner of Antikeo,
            give customers more                                               said “Having our sold items featured in the
            chances to park close to                                          WorthPoint database provides good exposure to a large range of potential
            their favorite shops,                                             clients.”  WorthPoint offers more than 540 million archived prices
            including   Montana                                               and nearly 1.3 billion images to improve pricing transparency for
            Vintage Clothing and                                              sellers and buyers.
            Yesteryears  Antique
            Mall. By backing into a parking space, drivers can easily pull out onto
            the street without taking a chance backing up into oncoming traffic.   KOTAKU.COM – By the numbers, Linda Guillory’s two world records
            Danny Kramer, the owner of Yesteryears Antique Mall, said that from   come from her collection of 1,599 LCD gaming systems and 2,430
            what he is seeing, people are adjusting to the change and no longer   playable gaming systems. Then  on July 2, 2021, Guinness World
            complaining about accessing his street-front shop.                Records announced Guillory of Richardson, TX earned the two
                                                                              achievements for her massive collection of thousands of handheld,
                                                                              tabletop, and even watch-based gaming systems. These aren’t gaming
                                 SCMP.COM – Having repairs made to your                                           systems as we might think of
                                 wardrobe is on-trend – Prince Charles is a big                                   consoles and handhelds now,
                                 fan. The future British monarch  has set up a                                    rather they’re more like the
                                 repair clinic at Dumfries House, his home in                                     Tiger Electronic handhelds of
                                 Scotland, to mend clothes for people in the                                      yore. Guilllory’s collection also
                                 surrounding area and to support sustainable                                      includes  traditional  video
                                 fashion. He has played an important part in                                      games.  In Guinness’ profile
                                 persuading British consumers  to end “this                                       video, Guillory shows off a
                                 extraordinary trend of throwaway clothing.”                                      massive cabinet of old video
                                 It is a direction  many luxury companies are   games, noting she owns every game Nintendo released in North
                                 likely to follow in years to come  as younger   America. Guillory, an electrical engineer, wants to share her enthusiasm
                                 generations with a different perspective on   for gaming with children and teach them how to create gaming systems
            second-hand or repaired goods become their biggest customer base.   of their own. She also hopes to preserve her collection in a museum.

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