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Fontaine’s Auction Gallery’s Two-Day Auction Grosses $3M

            PITTSFIELD, MA – Featuring a selection of 700 items, Fontaine’s   was a R.J. Horner & Co. grandfather
            Auction Gallery’s two-session auction on May 22 and 29 grossed    clock (est. $50,000-$75,000), circa
            $3 million. While the jam-packed sale was notable for its quantity,   1890, in carved mahogany, having a
            more important was the roster of quality items. The auction boasted   dial signed “Joseph Jennens, Skinner
            offerings from hot collecting categories ranging from paintings and   Street, Clerkenwell London.” The case
            silver to Tiffany Studios leaded glass lamps and windows.         is decorated with winged griffins,
               “We were very excited to put together this auction that really   female caryatids, scrollwork, filigree,
            resonated with bidders,” said John Fontaine, owner of Fontaine’s   and the crest with two maidens flank-
            Auction Gallery. “We saw one standout item after another perform   ing a cartouche shield, 120 inches tall.
                             well, usually above estimate, and we were very      Several conservatively estimated
                             pleased with the results.”                       lots proved to be nice surprises,
                                Hardly surprising, the top lot of the auction was   including a Louis Majorelle Art
                             a leaded and stained-glass window by Tiffany     Nouveau walnut and fruitwood mar-
                             Studios,  Sunset and Evening Star,  circa 1910,   quetry writing desk ($2,000-$3,000),
                             measuring 49 3/4 by 30 1/2 inches, which doubled   circa 1900, that more than tripled its
                             its high estimate to achieve $139,150. A pair of   high estimate to bring $12,705. Also
                             leaded “chunk jewel” glass windows (est. $20,000-  handily outperforming its estimate were an early 20th Century Louis
                             $30,000) by John La Farge, also did well, going out   Vuitton monogram steamer trunk (est. $6,000-$8,000, shown above),
                             at $30,250. The circa 1880 windows had flowers,   fetching $28,435; a German porcelain plaque of three semi-nude
                             scrollwork, and geometric panels. Besides the    women ($800-$1,200), signed Wagner, that attained $21,175, and a
                             Tiffany window, Tiffany Studios lamps—a staple   Carlo Mario Camusso sterling silver centerpiece, featuring a figure of a
                             at Fontaine’s auctions—caught buyers’ eyes.      nude woman seated on a shell-form bowl, going for $10,500.
                             Standout lamps included a “Moorish” chandelier      Rounding out the auction were a pair of porcelain urns attributed to
                             ($40/60,000), circa 1905, with 16 shades, measur-  Tucker Factory ($15,000-$25,000), circa 1830, standing 22 inches tall,
                             ing 34 1/2 by 24 inches, that realized $48,400.   that made $23,310 and a German carved boxwood shadow box, circa
                                Highlighting a fine selection of clocks was a   1865, depicting a battle scene with rolling hills and a castle town in the
                             monumental English carved oak tall case clock    background, that performed well at $20,160.
                             (est. $80,000-$120,000, shown left) having a pair of   For more information, visit or email
                             3-foot-tall putti at the base flanking a central  Fontaine’s For more information about the
                             medallion of Sir William Whittington and a date of  company  and    the   upcoming     auction   schedule,   visit
                             1793, standing 11 feet, 10 inches tall; it made Updates are posted frequently. All prices
                             $127,050. Another leader among clocks at $63,525  reported include the buyer’s premium.

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