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                                Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far        by Ken Hall
                                                                All prices include the buyer’s premium
            Sir Isaac Newton manuscript,                Leicaflex 35mm camera,                       Judson’s Bird Girl sculpture,
            $118,750, University Archives               $1,280, Crescent City                        $390,600, Freeman’s Auctions

                                  A manuscript penned                                                                  A garden sculpture by
                                  by Sir Isaac Newton                                                                  Sylvia Shaw Judson, titled
                                  (1642-1727), with                                                                    Bird Girl, as seen on the
                                  mathematical notes                                                                   cover of the popular book
                                  and calculations relat-                                                              Midnight in the Garden
                                  ing to Book III of                                                                   of Good and Evil, sold for
                                  his scientific work                                                                  $390,600 at an Amer-
                                  Principia, sold for   A Leicaflex 35mm camera with a Leitz                           ican Art & Pennsylvania
                                  $118,750    in  an    Summicron 1: 2/90 lens and a Summilux lens                     Impressionists auction held
                                  online-only auction   1:1.4/50, sold for $1,280 at a Summer                          June 6th by Freeman’s in
            of rare autographs, manuscripts, artwork, and   Decorative Arts & Interiors Auction held June              Philadelphia. Also, a paint-
            comic art held May 26th by University Archives   18th by Crescent City Auction Gallery in New              ing by Norman Rockwell,
            in Wilton, CT. Also, an important three-page   Orleans, LA. Also, a 20th century green onyx                titled Piney Rest Motel rang
            scientific manuscript pertaining to Albert   pedestal on a stepped octagonal base, 47 1/4   up $478,800; a painting by Albert York titled
            Einstein’s Unified Field Theory from the 1940s   inches tall, fetched $1,088; and a set of six 19th   Still Life: Green Apples hit $239,400; and a work
            brought $68,750; and a signed photo of      century French Henri II style carved walnut   by Daniel Garber titled  Houses, Shannonville
            Einstein reached $34,375.                   dining chairs went to a determined bidder    realized $189,000.
                                                        for $896.
            Cornelius Vanderbilt signed bond,                                                        WWII binoculars,
            $11,250, Holabird                           Figural weathervane,                         $22,800, Cowan’s
            Western Americana                           $258,000, Morphy’s                                           A US Navy ship’s bridge
                                                                              A late 19th century                    binoculars from World War
                                     A California Gold                        molded and gilded-                     II sold for $22,800 at an
                                     Rush-era   bond
                                     certificate  from                        copper weathervane                     Arms & Armor auction held
                                                                                                                     May 25-26 by Cowan’s in
                                     1856 twice signed
                                     by railroad tycoon                       bodied     standing                    Cincinnati, OH. Also, a
                                                                              Massasoit Indian with
                                                                                                                     1902 DWM Luger carbine
                                     Vanderbilt  sold                         bow and arrow atop                     with stock and hardcase hit
                                                                                                                     the mark for $10,455; a JP
                                     for $11,250 at a
                                     five-day Western                         made by Harris &                       Sauer & Sohn M30 World
            Americana Signature Sale held May 13-17                           Co. (Boston) sold for                  War II Luftwaffe survival
            by Holabird Western Americana Collections,   $258,300 at a Fine & Decorative Arts auction                drilling changed hands for
                                                                                                                     $9,225; a scarce Type II
                                                        held June 8-9 by Morphy’s in Denver, PA. Also,
            LLC in Reno, NV. Also, a photograph of the
            execution hanging in 1898 of the outlaw     a double-signed Keith Haring vase featuring   Colt single action Army Artillery revolver
                                                                                                     brought $7,440; and an experimental XB serial
                                                        some of the artist’s iconic motifs hammered for
            Fleming “James” Parker in Prescot, Arizona
            went for $9,062; and a beautiful circa      $84,000; and a scarce 1916 double-die obverse   numbered inlaid M1 carbine went for $5,700.
                                                        Buffalo nickel knocked down for $33,600.
            1880-1920 Red Mesa Navajo rug, 5 feet by
            8 feet 5 inches, brought $5,000.                                                         Brooks cigar store Indian,
                                                        De Latoix oil painting,                      $63,000, Pook & Pook, Inc.
            Winchester cartridge board,                 $37,500, John Moran                                         A beautifully carved and
            $100,300, Miller & Miller                                           An      oil    on                   polychromed cigar store
                                                                                canvas painting by                  Indian by Thomas Brooks
                                  A framed Winchester                           Gaspard De Latoix                   of New York, circa 1882,
                                  1884 cartridge display
                                  board, 28 inches by                           (1858-1918), titled                 88 inches tall, sold for
                                                                                Two Indians on
                                                                                                                    $63,000 at an Americana &
                                  38 inches, litho-
                                  graphed   cardboard                           Horseback (1890),                   International auction held
                                                                                sold for $37,500 at
                                                                                                                    May 21st by Pook & Pook,
                                  with   an   applied
                                  representation   of                           an Art of the                       Inc. in Downingtown, PA.
            Winchester’s line of ammunition, sold for   American West sale held May 25th by John                    Also, an exquisite miniature
            $80,960 in an online-only Canadiana &       Moran Auctioneers in Monrovia, CA. Also, a set              watercolor portrait of a boy
                                                        of 24 matted drypoint etchings on Japanese
                                                                                                                    with riveting blue eyes by
            Sporting Auction held June 5th by Miller &
            Miller Auctions, Ltd. in New Hamburg,       paper in a leather-bound portfolio case with                Mrs. Moses B. Russell
                                                        28-page Outlines of History, Description, etc., by
            Ontario, Canada. Also, an 1887 Winchester
            cartridge display brought $71,430; and a Union   Henry Chapman Ford (1828-1894) brought                 $40,320; and a set of four
                                                        $34,375; and a Navajo Crystal room-sized rug
                                                                                                                    Meissen painted porcelain
            Metallic Cartridge Company cartridge board,
            circa 1880s, hit $42,860.                   went for $11,875.                            portrait plates was the surprise lot of the day,
                                                                                                     selling for $32,760.
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