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Hermann Historica Spring Auction Sets New Benchmarks
                            MUNICH, GERMANY – Excellent prices were              A distinguished pair of Cieszyn bone-inlaid
                            achieved in all specialist areas represented by the auction   wheellock carbines of museum caliber was a
                            house. From an Egyptian wooden statuette to the most   shining example of supreme craftsmanship with
                            delicate lace trim on imperial garments, culminating   a tax of $77,100. The shafts were lavishly inlaid
                            in colossal 1930s vehicles—all extremely rare finds and   in bone and mother-of-pearl, embellished not
                            seldom available on the market—the lots in both   merely with ornamental flourishes and tendrils,
                            auctions met with considerable interest.          but also with wild beasts, mythical creatures and
                               Even on the opening day, interested buyers had no   the Cieszyn coat of arms.
                            qualms about offering six-figure sums for the objects   The sale of around 85 items from the
                            they had set their hearts on. Among the antiquities, the   wardrobe, accoutrements and furnishings originally belonging to none other
                            unusually well-preserved likeness of an Egyptian digni-  than Empress Elisabeth of Austria, generated extensive media coverage.
                            tary (shown left), carved from one piece of wood           Shown left, this ravishing summer dress in cream-colored silk
                            during the 16th century B.C., attracted a great             chiffon with interwoven, figure-flattering stripes was created by
                            deal of attention. Bidding started at $130,000              Maison Ellinger-Haubner in Vienna, circa 1880. Trimmed with
                            and the piece sold for $154,200. Painted in                 fine gauze and finest Brussels lace, the dress was designed to set
                            color, the representation of a slender, standing            off the Empress’ incredibly slender, well-toned figure. Selling for
                            man ultimately found a new owner for                        $44,500, this exquisite dress was the premium lot in this group.
            $163,000. A fully sculptured, carved wood Viking head of a wild                The beauty of vibrant parrot motifs on an unsurpassed,
            boar from the 7th - 9th century emanated a truly mythical appeal,           captivating coffee and tea service, specially commissioned from
            fetching a very pleasing $38,500. A fine Chinese Longquan                   the Porcelain Manufacturer Nymphenburg by Maximilian I
            celadon porcelain dish recorded one of the highest jumps from               Joseph of Bavaria circa 1810/20, and modeled from drawings by
            the reserve to the hammer price. Offers started flooding in on all         French naturalists, held collectors in thrall. Complete and in
            available channels, sending the asking price of $950 soaring to            undamaged condition, the winning bid of $44,500 paid tribute
            $44,500 within minutes.                                                   to its artistry, more than doubling the catalogue price of $20,800.
               A wide range of arms and armor included a number of irresistible          The 89th Auction of Hermann Historica GmbH presented
            edged weapons, among them a distinguished, silver damascened              an extensive lineup of 3,303 collectibles from all specialist areas
            sword, made in Germany circa 1610, featuring silver-inlaid tendril         represented by the auction house, from antiquities to medieval
            and floral decoration, is which sold for $51,900. Next up, a connois-      armor and weapons, works of art and Asian artworks, military
            seur had to part with a similar sum, namely $50,400, for a gold-           artefacts and exquisite heirlooms from ruling houses.
            inlaid Milanese parade shield from 1560/70, for which the bidding             All objects attest to the success of online-only auctions, now
            opened at $23,700 (shown top right). The entire surface was cov-            well established. For more information on this and future
            ered in hammered, chiseled décor with fine gold inlays featuring            auctions, visit All final prices
            an expressive scene of warriors fighting in antique-style dress.            include taxes and fees totaling 25%.

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