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Guiding the Next Generation of Collectors

1960s purse

An Interview with Terry Kovel by Judy Gonyeau, managing editor Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Terry Kovel, editor and publisher of Kovels Antiques, Inc. For over 53 years, Kovels has published the Price Guide for American Collectors (now Kovels’ Antiques & Collectibles Price List), a veritable encyclopedia of antiques and collectibles sale […]

Renovation, Restoration, Preservation, Conservation

leather top drum table

By Bart Bjorneberg, Bernacki & Associates, Inc. What do these words mean and what conditions and responsibilities do they engender when used in connection to furnishings, art objects, environments, and architecture. Renovation Renovation simply means to make an object look like new. The object to be renovated is just a base or starting point for […]

Exploring Antique Technologies: March 2020


Using Technology to Keep your Antiques Safe By Kary Pardy In 2014, Harvard University unveiled newly “restored” Mark Rothko murals. The paintings had been locked away after previously hanging on the sunny wall of the dining hall from 1962-1979 and had been considerably faded. Many thought they would remain so because Rothko’s special paint formulations […]

Paging Mr. Fix-It

broken figurine

Letters, I get letters. Well these days, they’re mostly emails. And as a writer, any type of correspondence is something I look forward to. It means someone out there is reading what I’m writing. Sometimes the comments are positive: “I really like what you said about …” Sometimes they’re not: “You know nothing about …” […]

What's Selling on eBay: March 2020


By Deborah Abernethy and Mike McLeod These examples show that eBay has quite a following in the collector marketplace. It sometimes is an auction environment, and sometimes, it is more of a retail market. These examples are unusual for their collecting area. $3,168 (32 bids, 10 bidders): Awesome Old Antique 1915-1920 Standard Princeton Style Leather […]

Comic Character Collectibles

CBPG #1 Facsimile Edition SC (1)

By J.C. Vaughn Overstreet Turns 50, Ruth is Still “The Babe” As we’ve mentioned previously in this space, The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. If you’ve been collecting in virtually any niche, you know that a price guide spanning five decades is rare and one doing it with the […]

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Publisher's Corner March 2020


By Maxine Carter-Lome Celebrating 20 Years of Living and Loving Antiques This issue marks the 20th Anniversary of the Journal of Antiques & Collectibles; two decades of sharing market news and education; and exploring the history behind objects of interest to dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts. For the last 20 years and over 225 issues, the […]