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Publisher’s Corner March 2020


By Maxine Carter-Lome Celebrating 20 Years of Living and Loving Antiques This issue marks the 20th Anniversary of the Journal of Antiques & Collectibles; two decades of sharing market news and education; and exploring the history behind objects of interest to dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts. For the last 20 years and over 225 issues, the […]

Exploring Antique Technologies


No Matter Which Direction the Wind Blows, We Still Love American Weathervanes By Kary Pardy If you are an Americana collector, you are likely familiar with the gold (or copper) standard for American folk art. Handmade American weathervanes are the celebrities of Americana auctions, racking in significantly higher amounts than their wooden and iron contemporaries. […]

Comic Character Collectibles


2019 in Hindsight: A Year of Pop Culture By J.C. Vaughn Looking back, 2019 may go down as a truly epic year for comic books, original comic art, and pop culture collecting in general. Not only did we see, as mentioned last month in this space, a CGC-certified 9.4 copy of Marvel Comics #1 (the […]

Give Me Liberty: The Magazine of World War II

liberty mag

Story & Photos by Donald-Brian Johnson For thousands and thousands of mid-twentieth century Americans, the week just wasn’t complete without the latest issue of Liberty, the magazine that could be yours for just five cents. Even when the price later increased to a dime, Liberty was still a bargain. Here’s the sizzling lineup from just […]

Pottery of South Carolina’s Edgefield District

clay jar with flower

South Carolina laws against educating slaves had been on the books since 1740 and were as solid as ever at the time of Dave’s birth. These same laws were only exacerbated after a well-planned slave revolt in 1822 was unsuccessful. Fearful, the General Assembly enacted even more unforgiving literacy codes, adding a strict penalty for […]