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Antiques Peek: Workin’ On The Railroad

Longines Express Monarch Canadian railroad pocket watch, 1901

by Jessica Kosinski  When you think of the history of railroads and railroad collectibles, you might picture toy trains first. Alternatively, your mind might go straight to other collectibles, such as railroad lanterns. Station or track signs and dining car items may also come to mind. What you might not think of is a small […]

Antiques Peek: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

by Jessica Kosinski Atlantic City has one of the most well-known boardwalks in the United States, and arguably the world. One of the most popular attractions on the Atlantic City Boardwalk today is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, a museum housing odd and unusual exhibits from around the world. However, the current museum […]

Antiques Peek: From Numberplate to License Plate

Early Massachusetts Porcelain License Plate

by Jessica Kosinski  There are many automobile-related collectibles people enjoy collecting. People have had fascinations with cars since the first ones were produced. Today, there are collectors of cars themselves, car-related advertising, hood ornaments, and more. However, in this month’s column, we are going to take a peek at collecting something else entirely, license plates. […]

Antiques Peek: Birthday Bling

Early promotional card for birthstones featured at the local jeweler

by Jessica Kosinski Have you ever received or purchased jewelry that featured your birthstone? The tradition of birthstones incorporated in rings, necklaces, and other jewelry seems like one that has been around forever. That’s why most of us don’t even question it. However, like everything else, there is an origin story associated with birthstones. Let’s […]

Antiques Peek: Military Badges

Army of the Potomic Calvalry Corps

by Jessica Kosinski As modern humans, we are used to conflict; whether in the form of a small disagreement with a neighbor or a full-scale war. There is evidence that such conflicts existed well before well-documented eras. Archaeologists indicate that, in the earliest days of humanity, the population was too low for large battles to […]

Antiques Peek: In the Show Ring with Breyer

Breyer #57 with clock

by Jessica Kosinski   There are certain toys that are timeless classics. From Cabbage Patch dolls to Lincoln Logs and Legos to Play-Doh, it seems like many childhood favorites have stood the test of time across many generations. Among those timeless and treasured toys are Breyer horses. Breyer horses are model horses produced by the […]

Antiques Peek: Biker Attire

Schott NYC Perfecto 118

by Jessica Kosinski There are many collectibles designed to sit on shelves and be admired. But then there are the collectibles that also serve practical purposes. For those who collect motorcycle gear, and especially motorcycle jackets, part of the thrill is wearing the gear and showing it off to fellow riders, as well as any […]