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Pullman: Riding the Rails in Luxury

Original vintage Pennsylvania Railroad poster - A luxury fleet featuring newest Pullman refinements at low travel cost! - showing smartly dressed passengers enjoying the inside of a Pullman train carriage with a waiter serving drinks to people seated at a booth table opposite a man smoking a cigar and holding a newspaper next to an elegant lady on the side and two fashionably dressed ladies talking in front of men at a bar at the end of the carriage, the stylized lettering above and below with details of the trains and their service routes. Selling for $1,349.89 at

by Maxine Carter-Lome, publisher  George Mortimer Pullman was born on March 3, 1831, in Brocton, New York, just four years after the “Laying of the First Stone” ceremonies that launched the construction of the first passenger and freight rail line in the nation. By the time of his birth, tracks were being laid across the […]

Book Bindings Bound For History

by Jim Dawson When discussing the housing of history, creating a safe and protective environment for the written word is paramount. Bookbinding has changed over the years, but the preservation of historic tomes through a better understanding of their construction allows us to see history as it was reported through memoirs, academic materials, and stories […]

Boxed Perfection

1983 Kenner Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi 65 Back-A Boba Fett sold April 20, 2019, for $875 photo: Bruneau & Co.

by Travis Landry, Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers   When it comes to the world of Pop Culture collectibles, whether it be toys, video games, or trading cards, there is nothing more important than condition. You obviously have the rarity factor—the rarer the item the more desirable to a collector—but the condition is always key. Now […]

Secret Storage: Exploring the Hidden Side of Antique Furniture

Example of one of many ways to create and access secret storage. photo:

by Kary Pardy   Consider the humble blanket chest: a piece of furniture that might travel with its owners across an ocean or a country. Such a solid, practical item seems like the last place for surprising features, but without fancy safe deposit boxes or other high-end precautions, the average person needed a place to […]

Museums: Containing Collected History Over Time

The original Smithsonian Institution Building, commonly known as the “Castle,” was designed by architect James Renwick and constructed between 1847 and 1855. The Castle houses the Smithsonian Visitor Center and administrative offices, as well as the James Smithson crypt.

by Maxine Carter-Lome, publisher   Museums, in their many forms, are a universal experience shared by most people in this country, whether it is an art gallery, natural history museum, living history museum, or historic home. Every state, city, and almost every town in America has a museum of some sort – a space that […]

Celebrating Miss America

Pageant Poster from 1925 with the accompanying trophy and a photograph of Miss America 1925, Fay Lanphier, who came to the title by way of being Miss Santa Cruz 1924, the 1925 Rose Queen, and then Miss California 1925. 

by Melody Amsel-Arieli In 1921, Atlantic City, New Jersey offered East Coast vacationers far more than sun, sand, and sea. In addition to thrilling mechanical rides and pre-Broadway shows, it hosted the first “Inter-City Beauty Pageant,” an exuberant extravaganza celebrating the fairer sex. This seaside competition launched with the dramatic entry of King Neptune (its […]

The Atlantic City Boardwalk: A Wooden Walkway to the Sea

Atlantic City Boardwalk, 1920s

by Maxine Carter-Lome, publisher     Atlantic City, New Jersey is home to one of the most famous and oldest boardwalks in America. This initially mile-long wooden walkway from the beach into the town was erected in 1870 to solve a problem not anticipated by the Town’s developers in the building of this seaside resort […]

Collectomania! Savoring Those Souvenirs

Boot Roy Rodgers

By Donald-Brian Johnson   A lady of my acquaintance collects souvenirs with a vengeance. If she’s seen it, visited it, or done it, she has the refrigerator magnet (or T-shirt, or coffee mug, or snow globe, or … well, you get the idea), to show for it. Sometimes those souvenirs are (presumably) free for the […]

Here’s New England! On the Road with the WPA

Heres New England Cover

By Erica Lome, Ph.D. In the 1930s, no road trip across America was complete without a travel guide from the widely popular American Guide Series, published by the Federal Writers’ Project. Intended to stimulate the economy and boost national pride, these travel guides featured history-laden itineraries, photographs of major cultural icons, and directed access to […]

The Artful History of Vintage Travel Postcards

Above: Wallace News Stand in New Orleans in the summer of 1908

by Zoë Peate Who doesn’t love to find a postcard from somewhere far away, waiting for them inside their mailbox? It’s such a rare occasion in this digital era, which only makes it an even more delightful surprise. While the Golden Age of postcards is long past, like the travel posters of yesteryear, vintage postcards […]