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Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Lincoln signed check, $35,255, RR Auction

Lincoln signed check, $35,255, RR Auction

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By Ken Hall

All prices include the buyer’s premium

Lincoln signed check, $35,255, RR Auction A check signed by Abraham Lincoln (as “A. Lincoln”), in the amount of $122.75, dated May 25, 1860, just one week after being named the Republican presidential candidate, payable to his brother-in-law, C. M. Smith, sold for $35,255 in an online auction held Sept. 25-Oct. 13 by RR Auction, based in Boston. Also, a rare signature of William Henry Harrison as President went for $27,500; a Babe Ruth signed photograph reached $25,903; and a Nikola Tesla signed note hit $14,196.