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What's Selling on eBay: September 2016

What's Selling on eBay: September 2016

By Deborah Abernethy and Mike McLeod
$1,140 (46 bids, 13 bidders): Art Deco Tharaud Limoges Pierrot Holding A Globe Lampe Berger.
In excellent condition, no chips no cracks. About 9 3/4″ high. Extremely rare Art Deco Pierrot Lampe Berger.
(Photo: eBay seller cauchys and
DBA: The buyer got a deal! Camille Tharaud (1878-1956) was one of the most noted ceramic artists of his time. His studio was located in Limoges, France, and his Art Deco works are the most highly valued. This is a low price for similar works by this artist. The lampe berger was invented for use in French hospitals in 1898. A catalytic converter was thought to destroy airborne bacteria as well as odors. These quickly became popular in homes. Coco Chanel was said to have used one to eliminate cooking odors. Today, these Lampe Berger (pronounced lamp ber ZHAY) are advertised to remove about 65% of allergens, mold and odors. All of this with the character clown Pierrot included!

$4,300 (14 bids, 7 bidders): Two 6-Foot Antique Metal Original Hood Tires Sign, Embossed.
Up for sale are two 71-inch tall antique original embossed paint or porcelain (?) metal signs from Hood Tires. They are single-sided, heavy metal signs. Signs are in decent/kind of rough shape. They have good color for the most part. They have several dings and rust. It says “Baltimore Enamel Company, Fifth Avenue, New York.”
(Photo courtesy of eBay seller sam-says)
DBA: Hood Tires are from the era of the Model A. The company was founded in 1896 and made many rubber products, including rubber sole shoes. In 1929, the B. F. Goodrich Company purchased the tire division. The Hood Rubber Company closed in 1969. The highest price at auction that I have seen for a Hood sign is $10,000 (and there were several selling for $6,500 to $7,000), so this would seem like the buyer got a good deal.
$2,375 (6 bids, 2 bidders – that’s all it takes to have an auction): 1913 Indy 500 Rare Original ID Pit Pass Pin Badge Indianapolis Speedway.

DBA:  This is not a “pit” pass but a concessions pass, which the photograph clearly shows. Credentials from 1909 through 1916 are very rare and very tough to find. Any credential associated with race teams – Driver, Mechanic, Pitman, etc. – are more desirable than ones designated for Press, Concession, Guest, etc. These are so rare that I could not find a similar sale.
$3,050 (11 bids, 6 bidders): Authentic Antique Lefever Gun Advertising Hunting Sign.
This is not a reproduction. This is an authentic vintage advertising sign on heavy poster paper with metal rods at the bottom and top for hanging. Lithograph by Louis J. Porr, 15 inches wide by 23 inches long. There are several horizontal creases and some tears along some of the creases that need restoration. Tack hole in the very bottom border where it was fastened to the wall so that it would not roll up. Reproductions are numerous; originals such as this are rare. (Photo: eBay seller estate-finders)
DBA:  The Lefever Arms Company manufactured guns in Syracuse, New York. The company was founded by Daniel Lefever (1835-1906) in 1878 with the invention of the hammerless shotgun. In 1916, the company was incorporated with the Ithaca Gun Company that continued the Lefever guns until 1921. The guns are very collectible. A period advertising poster, especially one so classic and in good condition, would generate much interest. Copies of this poster are available through the Lefever Collector’s Association. This poster would definitely be out of copyright protection and may have been purchased by a publishing entity.
Deborah Abernethy is a certified appraiser with the International Association of Appraisers. She can be contacted at 404-262-2131 or Her website is

What’s Selling on eBay: September 2016

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