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Guess What? July 2001

Guess What Article for July 2001
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

There are two subjects this column seriously tries to avoid: religion and politics. But this month’s “Guess What” slightly deviates from this self-imposed policy, since we are presenting an item with a somewhat “holier-than-thou” history. This is our “punny” way of attempting to describe the micro-mesh like machine punched holes that completely makes up the physical characteristics of the piece. It has a ring for hanging, made completely of tin and the smooth, drip on soldering technique is to die for, putting it somewhere around 1870. Stands 41/2″ H x 2″ in diameter.

It comes apart as shown.

The following are some suggested possibilities:

  1. Pregnant guppy underwater birthing chamber
  2. Child’s single portion rice cooker
  3. Swinging baker’s confectioner sugar sifter
  4. Bouillion cube diving bell flavor dissolver
  5. Live minnow bait bucket prototype
  6. Closet mothball holder
  7. Easter egg dye tinting dipper
  8. Insect “bring-em-back-alive” field trip canister
  9. Beef jerky air -curing chamber
  10. Swinging 3600 mini bubble maker
  11. Scrap pieces soap saver
  12. Sesame seed toaster
  13. Vampire garlic neck pendant
  14. Hard boiled egg hot water dipper and retriever
  15. Seed corn air-drying chamber
  16. Window box plant insecticide duster
  17. Split pea softening soaker
  18. Coffee pot coffee grounds container
  19. Miniature hanging windproof candle lantern
  20. Baby food manual puree masher/strainer.

On your marks, get set, guess! Correct answer next month*

*From the 50th Anniversary collection of dealer/collectors Ernie and Edna Jones, Mohegan Lake, NY.

Answer to June 2001 Issue Guess What..?

What we showed you last month looked like a self-inflicting torture device or circulation inducer. The series of blunted steel nail-like spikes embeded in a round wood base is not just a crude handmade one – but an actual manufactured meat tenderizer, patented on Sept. 12, 1876*

*From the super collection of Chuck and Bonnie Badger, CA.

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