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The Emergence of Toys at Auction

The Emergence of Toys at Auction

by Dick Friz Dr. Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary, published in 1755, defined “toy” as a “petty commodity, a trifle; a thing of no value, a plaything or bauble.” Today, the good Doctor must be spinning in his grave. Toys, of almost infinite variety, forever evoke fond, poignant memories of a care-free childhood. Live, in-house antique toy […]

Publisher's Corner: July 2016

Maxine Carter-Lome

The Art of Appeal by Maxine Carter-Lome Like many of the topics we cover in this magazine, “Advertising” is a broad category assigned to a wide variety of collectibles,  including signs, posters, serving trays, calendars, clocks, product packaging, store displays, and magazine ads to name just a few.  In fact, it extends to anything designed […]