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Publishers Corner: April 2016

Maxine Carter-Lome - Publisher

The Allure of Glass When our editorial team first explored the topic of the Vanity Table for our annual glass issue, we immediately fell to reminiscing about the vanity tables we remembered in a grandparent’s or aunt’s house, or in our own home growing up; that totally feminine, personal space displaying special items to be […]

Gavels n' Paddles: Dior perfume bottle, $66,000, IPBA Auction

Gavels n' Paddles: Dior perfume bottle, $66,000, IPBA Auction

Results of Recent Auctions From Around the World by Ken Hall A 1957 Christian Dior Limited Edition perfume bottle in the shape of a dog, signed “Tien Dior” (Dior’s nickname), sold for $66,000 in an auction held April 30-May 3 at the 27th annual International Perfume Bottle Association’s (IPBA) 27th annual convention in Spartanburg, S.C. […]

Peter Beard triptych, $662,500, Christie's

Peter Beard triptych, $662,500, Christie’s Gavels ‘n’ Paddles Recent Auction Results From Near & Far A 1968 gelatin silver print triptych with ink, blood handwork, snakeskin and collage elements by Peter Beard, titled Orphan Cheetah Triptych, sold for $662,500 at a Photographs sale held Oct. 4-5 by Christie’s in New York. It was a new […]