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Publisher's Corner: February 2017

Publisher's Corner: February 2017

“… remember the Ladies” by Maxine Carter-Lome When we think about the American Arts & Crafts Movement, we tend to think of such influencers as Gustav Stickley, Elbert Hubbard, and […]

Publisher's Corner: January 2017

Publishers Corner: January 2017

Let there be light! By Maxine Carter-Lome It was New Year’s Day 1880 and visitors were flocking to Menlo Park, New Jersey to see Thomas Edison’s newest invention – the […]

Publisher's Corner: October 2016

Publisher's Corner: October 2016

Folk Art Collectibles by Maxine Carter-Lome So what exactly is “Folk Art?” The Museum of International Folk Art defines it as the “art of the everyday.” Others define it as […]

Publisher's Corner: September 2016

Publisher's Corner: September 2016

Tools of the Trades By Maxine Carter-Lome Eli Whitney is credited as saying “We can’t make anything until we make tools.” That’s the take-away from this month’s issue. Every profession […]

Publisher's Corner: August 2016

Publishers Corner: August 2016

The Art of Appeal Maxine Carter-Lome Like many of the topics we cover in this magazine, “Advertising” is a broad category assigned to a wide variety of collectibles, including signs, […]

Publisher's Corner: March 2016

Maxine Carter-Lome - Publisher

Timeless Precision & Craftsmanship By Maxine Carter-Lome From the earliest sundials dating from about 3500 BC to the launch of the Apple Watch this past year, our fascination with horology, […]