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Exploring Antique Technologies: Ancient Art – Unraveling the Art of Knitting

Knitwear was the primary fabric for sporting activities in the 1920s, but with cheaper alternatives such as factory-produced sweatshirts and tracksuits gained traction, knitwear transitioned to the realm of low impact, high-end sports whose users could afford ‘fancier’ knit garments. Knitwear also transitioned to smart casual clothing, which is where we most commonly see it today. Courtesy of HoneyCombPatterns, Etsy.

by Kary Pardy Knitting is everywhere recently. Creating warm hats, scarves, wraps, sweaters, and mittens is currently a fashionable pastime for people of all ages, and skilled knitters can create art with their complex stitches and colors. When you ask people in 2020 what knitting is to them, you’re likely to get answers like “it’s […]

Ken's Korner: Barbie, meet Fulla, the new Arab doll

Ken’s Korner: Barbie, meet Fulla, the new Arab doll – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – March 2006 Barbie has some competition in the Middle Eastern doll market. Her name is Fulla, and she’s named after a sweet-smelling flower. But that’s not what distinguishes her from Barbie or any other Western-looking doll. Fulla is Muslim, and wears […]