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A 2023 take on vintage

Over the past few years, I have written a number of columns and shared the perspectives and advice of others chronicling the rise of vintage fashion and the resale trade. This is a market on an upward trajectory, with online vintage boutiques, fashion designers, and social media influencers dictating runway and fashion trends that drive a new generation of collectors and buyers to vintage shows, shops, and markets across the country and around the world. Here, the appeal is in the quality of materials and craftsmanship, era styling, designer and brand, and the ecological attraction of resale.

As we head into 2023, a December 2022 article in British Vogue, entitled “The Biggest Vintage Trends Of 2023″, predicts the vintage boom will continue, with a growing number of fashion houses now opening up their archives and lesser-known designers coming into vogue as those who’ve caught the vintage bug look to explore different eras of fashion history. This look into 2022 market trends and their impact on the 2023 vintage market identifies the following transitional changes.

Everyday vintage 

“In 2022, we saw more celebrities incorporating vintage into their day-to-day wardrobe. And it’s a trend that’s set to continue in 2023, as buying second-hand becomes second nature to more and more people.”

The Met Gala effect 

“With the theme of the 2023 Met Gala being Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, the designer’s extensive archive, from Chanel and Fendi to Patou, is sure to enjoy a resurgence – and not just on the first Monday in May.”

Naked dresses with history 

“The naked dress trend isn’t going anywhere, so it’s no surprise that sheer dresses are becoming increasingly popular in the vintage space as well.”

Nineties minimalism 

“While ’90s and ’00s pieces will remain popular, there’s likely to be a move towards more minimalistic styles going forward.”

Fashion houses opening up their archives 

“As more brands reclaim ownership of their vintage pieces, from Gucci to Valentino, expect more fashion houses to open up their archives in 2023.”

Social media influencers, celebrity stylists, and models will also continue to impact the vintage marketplace in 2023, from what and who to look for to where to shop and what to wear.

In a January 12, 2023 article in InStyle entitled “The Best Vintage Trends to Shop in 2023, According to Celebrity Stylist Mimi Cuttrell,” Cuttrell — who is well-known for dressing Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande, Madelyn Cline, Normani, and more, and is a big fan of shopping secondhand — shares her call for the hot vintage fashion trends of 2023.

“If you’re looking at today’s top trends and thinking that 2023 looks an awful lot like 2003 or even 1993, well, same. Y2K fashion and ’90s staples are still going strong, especially among celebrities, who are often spotted wearing items such as cargo pants and tube tops or layering dresses over jeans…Fast fashion stores have definitely jumped on these trends, producing cheap replicas of throwback looks. But if you really want your outfit to stand out, vintage shopping is the way to go. It’s an easy way to express personal style and find special pieces that no one else you know owns. Cuttrell’s picks?

Best Vintage Shoe Trends to Shop for 2023: “Mary Janes, kitten heels, and baby square-toe boots.”

Best Vintage Dress and Shirt Trends to Shop for 2023: “Corsets and bustier styles are everywhere but I love layering and see people layering [them] often!”

Best Jeans Trend to Shop for 2023: “I think we should all prepare for the return of mini-flared jeans. It has been such a staple silhouette for so many years that I think we’ll definitely see it more soon.”

Of course, everyone has a point of view when it comes to what defines a vintage “look” but styling and accessories can certainly help make a vintage fashion statement. offers its “8 Vintage Fashion You’ll Likely See in 2023” in a January 17, 2023 article. Here are a few of their “must haves”:

Chain Belts: “Because chain belts may be worn in a variety of ways, for example, layered as necklaces, chains, or belts. And because they can all hang and drape in different ways, chain belts are the accessory that should be on everyone’s vintage shopping list.”

Leather Jackets: “Their timeless style and durability have made them a retro-classic piece; this is why they would still be in fashion in 2023.”

Statement Coats: “Statement coats are often of bold colors and patterns, or come with striking embellishments that make them stand out to make a statement. Also, statement coats are often made from high-quality materials, such as wool or leather, which give them a durable, long-lasting quality that is associated with vintage or retro fashion.”

Sheer Fashion: “With many of our red carpet and runway stars having fun with layering sheer of all kinds, “sheer fashion” seems to be the hottest retro-classic trend right now. Sheer outfits are made of thin, transparent materials like chiffon, organza, and lace.”

You can find the complete list here

Wondering where to shop to stay en-trend or style your own vintage aesthetic? This January 9, 2023 article in Vogue provides “A Global Guide to the Best Vintage Stores and Resale Platforms.” You can read this compilation of shops in cities around the world and resale platforms across the internet, here: