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American Cut Glass Association Annual Convention July 15-18

Hundreds of buyers and sellers of Brilliant Era cut glass will come to the Tulsa Renaissance Hotel next July 15-18 for the largest annual sale of rare antique crystal. The four-day Convention of the American Cut Glass Association attracts top dealers who enjoy brisk sales from multi-million dollar inventories. Buyers find unprecedented opportunities to acquire seldom-seen pieces. Experts vet all items offered for sale to ensure that valuable antiques are accurately identified and represented.
Reflecting the artistry and craftsmanship of a bygone era, these handmade crystal antiques are blown and intensively cut using skills that have been lost for generations. ACGA President Cindy Chandler states, “Modern crystal is simply cut. Nobody in the world makes elaborately decorated cut glass any more. Most of the old cut glass didn’t survive, and the fancy pieces can’t be replaced.”
The four-day ACGA Convention provides educational opportunities to learn more about cut glass, plus a Dealer’s Show open each afternoon. There is an evening Collector’s Night sale, expected to attract several dozen non-Dealer sellers offering cut glass pieces to fellow collectors. The Convention is expected to attract at least 240 collectors. A thousand or more pieces of cut glass will be sold.
During the Brilliant Era (1886-1916) the United States developed a thriving cut glass industry. The highest quality cut glass made in America was exported world-wide. Each piece was hand made by craftsmen demonstrating uncanny skills and artistry no longer practiced. More than 5,000 cutting designs were developed and cut onto hand-blown lead crystal. The most remarkable pieces were often custom made-to-order for very wealthy customers,
or were produced for competitive cut glass exhibitions at the World’s Fairs. Pieces range in size from tiny salt dips and butter plates to huge palace-scale vases and lamps.
The American Cut Glass Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the appreciation and enjoyment of American Brilliant Cut Glass. For more information on the ACGA and our 2015 Convention in Tulsa,Ok. For more information visit
American Cut Glass Association Annual Convention July 15-18