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The Show Will Go On – Online!

BRIMFIELD, MA – When Klia and Arthur Crisafulli of Northwood, NH, purchased Hertan’s Antique Shows and real estate in Brimfield, MA, the last thing they expected was that their inaugural show as owners would be canceled. The world famous Brimfield Antique Flea Market, which is made up of several independent shows that run concurrently three weeks a year, has never been canceled in its fifty year history but was reluctantly so because of COVID-19. “You could say we had the world’s worst timing,” said Klia. After a few sleepless nights, however, Klia had a brainstorm to move the show online. “I had made a promise to myself that Hertan’s show would always go on no matter what and this was one way to keep that promise.”
What initially started as a small virtual gathering of dealers from Hertan’s field that was to take place during the second week of May during the actual show week has now grown to include over 300 antique dealers, six other shows officially participating, over 13,000 people and counting participating as viewers and shoppers, and several sponsors.
“My idea was to have the opening of our field, which is marked by a ringing of the bell, live-streamed on Facebook, followed by videos and live streams of dealers showing their wares along with their contact information so people could shop from home.” Klia said.
The event was launched on the Hertan’s Antique Shows & Brimfield Live page and soon after it launched other Brimfield Antique Shows joined in to form the Official event. The participating fields and shows are Heart-O-The-Mart, Brimfield Auction Acres, New England Motel, Shelton’s, Sturtevant’s, and Central Park. Dealers and vendors from every show that make up the Brimfield Antique Flea Market are also participating. Other sponsors include Journal of Antiques and Collectibles and Ruby Lane.
The online Brimfield show, which is called “The Official Brimfield Live Online 2020,” will launch the precise time when the first shows would officially open and will continue until Saturday, May 16th. Each show will feature live-stream of the field “opening”, followed by dealer videos and live-streams, shoppers sharing stories about their favorite finds and memories, Brimfield personalities and the traditional Brimfield auction and other auctions brought to you by Crown Company that will be live-streamed from Hertan’s field.
“Each show will open with a live stream or video of the field owners opening their gates at the precise time as they would have during the real show, followed by
that show’s dealers and we will also have the traditional auction by Crown but instead of bidding in person, people will be able to bid from their couch.” Klia said.
“By the time the show begins we expect to have as many people participating in the online show as we do at the actual shows.”
Klia’s intention is to continue this format even after the in-person shows resume. “Many people who can’t physically get to Brimfield will be able to shop from home. It’s a win win for shoppers, dealers and show promoters.” Klia said. The online show is being offered free to everyone. Brimfield shoppers who wish to participate
should go to the Hertan’s page at and like and follow the page to receive notifications when new videos post.
For more information contact Klia Ververidis Crisafulli at 781-420-3375