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Collectors' Forum at Old Sturbridge Village Explores Topic of Collecting in America

Saturday, October 24, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. $135 (includes all lectures, workshops, lunch and one-year OSV Membership $85 for OSV Members)

STURBRIDGE, Massachusetts – Collectors of all types, young and old to experienced and amateur, have undeniably shaped the identities of many American museums and historic sites since the 19th century. Many of these special places, such as Bayou Bend, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, The Biltmore, The Henry Ford Museum, and Old Sturbridge Village, began as private collections of objects, assembled by individuals passionate about art, furniture, automobiles, clocks or whatever their area of interest was.Presented in conjunction with the ongoing exhibition Kindred Spirits: A.B. Wells, C. Malcolm Watkins and the Origins of Old Sturbridge Village, the 2015 Collectors’ Forum at Old Sturbridge Village on Saturday, October 24 will examine collecting in America, from its roots in the early 19th century through the present day. Participants will benefit from enriching lectures and workshops uncovering the origins of collecting, as well as the influences, trends, prominent personalities, and some of the challenges collectors face in today’s market.Jane Nylander, President Emerita of Historic New England and Chair of Old Sturbridge Village’s Collections Committee notes “This Forum offers both a unique opportunity to compare the activities and interests of some of New England’s first and most influential collectors with those of active young collectors and dealers today, as well as a cautionary tale about fakes from one of the country’s most respected curators. If you have any interest at all in antique collecting, you won’t want to miss this fascinating event.”
The day-long program takes place in the Fuller Conference Center at Old Sturbridge Village, and the $135 registration fee includes admission to all lectures, workshops, a lunch, and a one-year membership to the Village. For current OSV Members, the registration fee is $85.

For more information visit the Village’s website at, or call 508-347-0237.
Collectors’ Forum at Old Sturbridge Village Explores Topic of Collecting in America