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Syracuse Gun Show, April 18-19

The largest Gun Show ever held in New York State will be held April 18-19 at the New York State Fairgrounds – Expo Center, Center of Progress Building, Syracuse, New York. Over 800 exhibits and displays will be provided by our collectors and dealers from all over the United States and Canada.
Featured will be displays and sale tables of U.S. military arms, Colt Revolvers, high grade double barreled shotguns, Remingtons, muskets, Smith & Wesson, Kentucky rifles, gun parts and accessories, Indian items, Frontier and Western paraphernalia, Sharpa, sword, Springfields, Winchesters, bowie knives, powder horns, civilian and military weapons from all nations, custom made and factory made knives, military relics and equipment from before the Revolutionary War to the present.
While most items are for sale on a cash basis, GUN SHOWS cling to the old fashioned trade and barter way of doing business.  Haggling for the very best deal possible is both expected and accepted. Old and unwanted guns are gladly purchased by our collectors who will pay top prices.
All Firearms Sales or transactions require, by law, a NICS background check and must be conducted through available dealers only, Inside the hall. No private sales or trades or barters of firearms are permitted on State Property.
For more information contact Sandra Ackerman at 607-748-1010