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December 2022: Holiday Shopping Guide

Happy Holidays!

Working on your holiday gift-giving list? This year, rather than purchasing a mass-produced plastic toy, a high-priced piece of electronic gadgetry, or an unwanted item of clothing, consider turning to the antiques and collectibles marketplace instead. There is plenty of “Made in America” inventory for one-of-a-kind gift items at all price points to be found at antique shops, holiday markets, and year-end auctions.

One of the many unique and endearing aspects of giving an antique or collectible as a gift is that they come with a backstory or memory that makes them especially meaningful gifts – for both you and the recipient. They can reflect something of a shared memory or an appreciation for one’s interests in a way that is more personal than an off-the-shelf item. If it has a history or provenance attached, share that as well. A few minutes of internet research can give your gift extra meaning and value. If it brought a smile to your face or memory to mind, then it is sure to do the same for someone else!

Looking for a new place to shop? Stroll through the pages of this month’s Holiday Shopping Guide to find Shop Finder antique shops and holiday shows near you, and see what’s coming up at auction. You can also learn more about the many traditions and collectibles they inspire that never fail to put us in a festive mood.

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