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Guess What? September 2002

Guess What Article for September 2002 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

When is an ice cream scoop not an ice cream scoop? When it works on the end of a 10 ft. extension pole and is manipulated by two sets of rope lanyards (not shown) that help to open and close the scissor-like hemispheres. Also, may we point out that it’s too cumbersome to fit behind a soda fountain. We credit you with realizing this, so let’s list the all-important dimensions to provide some size referencing: 12” L; closed hemisphere – 23/4” diam. x 21/2” deep.

We have our test lab research results and submit a random selection of possibilities – some pertinent, some preposterous and some perplexing.

They are:

  1. Open hearth meatball cooker
  2. Golf ball water hazard retriever
  3. Blacksmith’s hot forged cannonball extractor
  4. Fallen walnut ground & tree harvester
  5. Campfire non-flaming marshmallow roaster
  6. Exterminator’s long distance mechanical wasp nest removal device
  7. Iron worker’s hot rivet container
  8. Live firecracker safe explosion squelcher
  9. Garden party Kon-tiki torch extinguisher
  10. Horticulturist’s bulb planting hole excavator.

We have omitted the answer this time to test you, but are saving it for next month’s loyal subscribers – or those internet surfers who log onto

Answer to August 2002 Issue ‘Guess What’..?

People perspire, horses sweat. And race horses after races or workouts are cooled down by having their sweat “squeegeed” away with this rare, rigid English one-handed “sweat stick.” The curved blade is brass, being less abrasive and avoids rusting. The more common variety consists of a thin flexible blade with wood handles at both ends, requiring use of both hands to groom the animal.

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