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Guess What? September 2003

Guess What Article for September 2003 The Journal of Antiques & Collectibles
By Bob Cahn, “The Primitive Man”

It’s got shape, it’s got form, and it’ll probably have you going in circles – but isn’t that what we do normally? Intrigue and curiosity are our specialties, and this month’s GUESS WHAT won’t let you down.

Adjustable springs, thumb screws, moving parts, and lots of shine and polish make for a complete package. Patented Sept. 25, 1888, we offer this challenge to your sanity with precious little help from the P.P.P.P. (Perplexing Panel of Plausibility Purveyors.) Dimensional references will come first, and then we’ll get on with the guessing marathon: oval, 11 by 9-5/8 inches; height, 4-1/2 inches.

‘Nuff said.

Is it:

  1. Ladies’ shoe tree closet organizer
  2. Ice cream vat multiple gang scoop disher
  3. Landscaper’s root ball transplanting tool
  4. Circus trainer’s elephant poop scoop
  5. Chrome plated Christmas Tree stand
  6. Frozen ice cream on a stick chocolate dipping machine
  7. Vintage naval helix lazy susan ship-to-shore signaling machine
  8. Custom hat maker’s head sizer
  9. Diner’s dishwasher cup rinsing and drying rack
  10. Golf club mitten covers drying and shaping frame.

The correct answer is hidden amongst the above. Lucky guess verified next month. Tune in! *

*A gracious thanks to Debbie and Bob Helton, Ogee’s Antiques, Eagle, ID (208) 938-3446 for their keen eye!

Answer to August 2003 ‘Guess What?’

Last month’s Guess What featured an all-weather brass/bronze fence stretcher and mending tool. It had two focal points: 1) the spring activated clamping vice-like jaws which grabbed the wire fence 2) the ring loop which allowed a pry bar or pipe to apply fulcrum leverage, or be fastened to a horse’s saddle, creating the tautness needed to complete the job.*

*available for acquisition

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