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Ken's Korner: Elvis Presley’s silk shirt stolen, found

Ken’s Korner: Elvis Presley’s silk shirt stolen , found – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – January 2006

A blue China silk shirt worn by Elvis Presley in the ‘70s was stolen from an exhibit on the Hall of State fairgrounds in Dallas, Tex., where it was on display as part of a King’s Ransom exhibition being staged by the shirt’s owner, Bud Glass. Glass issued a plea for the shirt’s return and even said he wouldn’t press charges against the thief. Police dusted for prints and said they had the theft recorded on video, but the shirt turned up in a local post office after being left there anonymously.
The shirt — a relic from Elvis’ later fashion period and worth about $10,000 — is buttoned down, with ruffled sleeves and a broken elastic in the right armband. There’s a tag on the inside collar that says, “I.C. Costume Co., Hollywood, Calif.” The King’s Ransom is a traveling exhibit of about 200 items owned and used by Presley. Glass said the theft of the shirt was a first. “Normally people are very respectful,” he said. “They’re usually just happy to see it. Thankfully it ended up well.”
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