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Ken's Korner: ‘Wacky Packages’ art sets Topps Vault record

Ken’s Korner: ‘Wacky Packages’ art sets Topps Vault record – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – April 2006
For years, the original artwork for one of the “Wacky Package” stickers issued in 1973 hung on a wall at Topps headquarters in New York. The Captain Crunch cereal parody sticker, “Cap’n Crud…Tastes Cruddy Even in Milk,” was part of the “Wacky Packages” Series 2 stickers. The stickers were highly collectible among children. Last month, the original art for Cap’n Crud, by noted pop artist Norm Saunders, sold at auction on for $34,600, a new Topps Vault record.

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