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Antiques Peek: November 2019

Antiques Peek: November 2019

Small, Beautiful, and Masterful by Jessica Kosinski They say good things come in small packages. Netsuke are tiny figures that prove that point. The little, ornate objects are highly collectible. They are so popular that originals and reproductions can be found in multiple countries in shops, as well as museums. But what are they exactly? […]

What’s Selling on eBay: April 2018

What's Selling on eBay: April 2018

by Deborah Abernethy and Mike McLeod $787.77 (50 bids, 12 bidders): Vintage 10-piece, Cold-painted, Miniature Austrian Bronze Pigs Orchestra Band. We were recently consigned a small selection of antique and vintage miniature Austrian bronzes from one man’s lifetime collection. Although I could find similar examples of  this Austrian Miniature Bronze Pig Band online, I couldn’t […]