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Canning the Harvest

1915 Kerr Self Sealing 1 Qt Mason Jar

by Jessica Kosinski Fall in New England is a beautiful time of year. It brings to mind images of crisp, cool air, hot apple cider, and leaves changing colors. Historically, it signaled the hard work of harvest time – when family members, friends, and neighbors gathered together to bring in the crops and celebrate their bounty. […]

Antiques Peek: Workin’ On The Railroad

Longines Express Monarch Canadian railroad pocket watch, 1901

by Jessica Kosinski  When you think of the history of railroads and railroad collectibles, you might picture toy trains first. Alternatively, your mind might go straight to other collectibles, such as railroad lanterns. Station or track signs and dining car items may also come to mind. What you might not think of is a small […]

Antiques Peek: Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

by Jessica Kosinski Atlantic City has one of the most well-known boardwalks in the United States, and arguably the world. One of the most popular attractions on the Atlantic City Boardwalk today is the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, a museum housing odd and unusual exhibits from around the world. However, the current museum […]

Antiques Peek: From Numberplate to License Plate

Early Massachusetts Porcelain License Plate

by Jessica Kosinski  There are many automobile-related collectibles people enjoy collecting. People have had fascinations with cars since the first ones were produced. Today, there are collectors of cars themselves, car-related advertising, hood ornaments, and more. However, in this month’s column, we are going to take a peek at collecting something else entirely, license plates. […]

The World & The Potter

Ceramic vessel remains, bag-shaped jars made some 20,000 calendar years ago discovered at the Xianrendong Cave in China. A total of 282 pottery sherds were recovered from the oldest levels of the cave. They have uneven thick walls between 1.4-1.5 inches, with round bases and inorganic (sand – mainly quartz or feldspar) temper. The paste has a brittle and loose texture and a heterogeneous reddish and brown color from uneven, open-air firing. They appear to have been made with two different techniques: sheet laminating or coil and paddle techniques. photo: Thought & Co.

by Jessica Kosinski For as long as there have been people on the Earth, hand-crafted goods have existed. People have had to learn to make their own shelters, tools, clothing, weapons, and so much more throughout the centuries. Certain hand-made goods have remarkably shaped the world with their innovative designs and functions. There are few […]

Antiques Peek: Biker Attire

Schott NYC Perfecto 118

by Jessica Kosinski There are many collectibles designed to sit on shelves and be admired. But then there are the collectibles that also serve practical purposes. For those who collect motorcycle gear, and especially motorcycle jackets, part of the thrill is wearing the gear and showing it off to fellow riders, as well as any […]

Antiques Peek: December 2019

Antiques Peek: December 2019

by Jessica Kosinski The Holiday Season is full of many traditions. Some are familial, some are cultural, and some are based on specific religious beliefs. Many of us have specific holiday traditions, but we do not necessarily understand the origins of those traditions. For example, you may have frequently enjoyed popping open an Advent calendar […]

Antiques Peek: November 2019

Antiques Peek: November 2019

Small, Beautiful, and Masterful by Jessica Kosinski They say good things come in small packages. Netsuke are tiny figures that prove that point. The little, ornate objects are highly collectible. They are so popular that originals and reproductions can be found in multiple countries in shops, as well as museums. But what are they exactly? […]

Antiques Peek: September 2019

Antiques Peek: September 2019

Furniture from the Valley by Jessica Kosinski The Hudson Valley is also commonly called the Hudson River Valley because it surrounds the Hudson River. It is an area with a very rich history and historical significance. The history of European exploration in the Hudson River Valley dates back to an expedition by John Cabot in […]

Antiques Peek: August 2019

Antiques Peek: August 2019

Penny Candy by Jessica Kosinski This issue is devoted to the general store. When I think of a general store, several images come to mind right away. Near the top of the list are the jars of candy. Back in the days when kids safely roamed the streets alone and simple pleasures had more value, […]