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What’s in a Name? Sascha, Marc, and Sometimes, Matthew

Rooftops irregular plate by Sascha Brastoff, 10-1/2” longest side, $75-$100

Story and photos by Donald-Brian Johnson In the world of mid-twentieth-century décor, it wasn’t enough for a designer to be a household name. What sold everything—from dinnerware to dishwashers to draperies—was exactly the right household name. That name had to be exotic, but not so exotic as to frighten away customers. It had to suggest […]

Collectible Paper Dolls From Hallmark

Collectible Paper Dolls From Hallmark

Photos and story by Donald-Brian Johnson “You’ll find collecting Hallmark Dolls is really lots of fun, and here’s a little album with a place for every one!” – Hallmark, 1948 Over the years, almost every person of note (or notoriety) has been immortalized in colorful paper dolldom. There are Nancy Reagan paper dolls (Ron, too). […]