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The Return of Shows: It has not been easy but show organizers are working hard to return to live events

This week is the return in full of the Brimfield Antique Shows after over a year’s hiatus due to COVID. Like all small shows and large-scale events, there remains some trepidation about what this year’s Brimfield shows will look like and who and how many will attend. If the success of some recent shows is […]

Publisher’s Corner: December 2018

Publisher's Corner: December 2018

Past, Present, & Future Collectibles by Maxine Carter-Lome Hard to believe we are at the end of yet another year! December issues give us an opportunity to reflect on a year gone by, take stock of where we are at, and look optimistically toward the future. For us in the antiques trade this past year […]

Diggin’ Old Bottles

Diggin' Old Bottles

By Maxine Cart-Lome Collectors will tell you it’s the thrill of the hunt for what they love that drives their passion for collecting. That’s certainly true among bottle collectors, who have many places to look and dig through to find their treasures outside of antique shops, eBay, auction houses, flea markets, and bottle dealers. Whether […]

Great Collections: April 2018

Great Collections: April 2018

On View: The Lauzon Collection at the Clark Art Institute There are two words that can thrill museum curators and collectors alike when it comes to sharing knowledge and enthusiasm for a collection – “on view.” Making this happen is an opportunity for both to see and learn more about those items they are passionate […]

On the Road to … Vermont

On the Road to ... Vermont

Antiquing is a great way to get out and experience the history and culture of Vermont. The Green Mountains are blessed with fascinating antique shops throughout the state and some significant multi-dealer cooperatives. Depending upon which area you visit, choose a destination and plan from there. Visit the Vermont Antiques Dealers Association website (www.vermontada.com), AntiqueTrails.com, […]

Antiques Peek: September 2016

Antiques Peek: September 2016

Like Buttah’ Churns by Jessica Kosinski When it comes to tools of the trade in the kitchen, few are more iconic than the butter churn. Today butter churns are mostly decorative. They are still used on some farms, and especially by the Amish, but the majority of Americans are used to buying their butter at […]

On the Road To… Connecticut

On the Road To... Connecticut

What better way to experience the past than antiquing in Connecticut. Whether you’re on the Connecticut Antiques Trail or off the beaten path, you’ll find shows, shops, flea markets and auction houses along the way worth the stop. UPCOMING ANTIQUE SHOWS 70th “Papermania” Plus Antique Paper Show www.papermaniaplus.com August 20-21 – Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm […]

On the Road to… Madison-Bouckville

On the Road to... Madison-Bouckville

45th Annual Madison-Bouckville August 15-21, 2016 It’s been said that “if you can’t find it in Bouckville, it probably doesn’t exist.” That’s because every year in mid-August, nearly 2,000 vendors bring their rarities, vintage furniture, classic toys, and more to the hamlet of Bouckville for the largest outdoor antique event in the state. But did […]

On the Road to… Maine

On the Road to... Maine

With all the outdoors recreational activities Maine has to offer, you wouldn’t think the state would also be a draw for antiquers but if you’re looking for a wonderful selection of antique shops, noted antique shows, vintage boutiques, ‚quality auction houses, and fun, outdoor flea markets, then Maine is where you want to be this […]