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Diggin' Old Bottles

Diggin' Old Bottles

By Maxine Cart-Lome Collectors will tell you it’s the thrill of the hunt for what they love that drives their passion for collecting. That’s certainly true among bottle collectors, who have many places to look and dig through to find their treasures outside of antique shops, eBay, auction houses, flea markets, and bottle dealers. Whether […]

Antiques Peek: September 2016

Antiques Peek: September 2016

Like Buttah’ Churns by Jessica Kosinski When it comes to tools of the trade in the kitchen, few are more iconic than the butter churn. Today butter churns are mostly decorative. They are still used on some farms, and especially by the Amish, but the majority of Americans are used to buying their butter at […]

On the Road To… Connecticut

On the Road To... Connecticut

What better way to experience the past than antiquing in Connecticut. Whether you’re on the Connecticut Antiques Trail or off the beaten path, you’ll find shows, shops, flea markets and auction houses along the way worth the stop. UPCOMING ANTIQUE SHOWS 70th “Papermania” Plus Antique Paper Show www.papermaniaplus.com August 20-21 – Sat. 10am-5pm, Sun. 10am-4pm […]

On the Road to… Maine

On the Road to... Maine

With all the outdoors recreational activities Maine has to offer, you wouldn’t think the state would also be a draw for antiquers but if you’re looking for a wonderful selection of antique shops, noted antique shows, vintage boutiques, ‚quality auction houses, and fun, outdoor flea markets, then Maine is where you want to be this […]

On the Road to… New Mexico

On the Road to... New Mexico

Perhaps nowhere else does art and architecture capture the vernacular and cultural landscape as perfectly as in New Mexico; a place where modernism and primitivism comfortably coexist. The last two decades of the 1800s saw a migration of artists to New Mexico, and the settling of art colonies in Taos and Santa Fe that spawned […]