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Comic Character Collectibles: Escaping the Pandemic with Imagination

Created by cartoonist Ron Leishman and artist-writer Richard Comely, Captain Canuck first appeared in Captain Canuck #1 (July 1975), published by Comely Comix.

by J.C. Vaughn With everything that’s happened in 2020 thus far, pretty much any day seems like a good day to pause and think about good and interesting things, or at least things less serious than the world around us. The Canadian comic book scene, for instance, is very interesting in that it has always […]

Game Board Art

Game Board Art – The Journal of Antiques and Collectibles – October 2001 By Adam Halterman From trash to treasure, the last hundred years have brought dramatic changes in the antique world’s concept of value. Folk art, once frowned upon by snobbish aesthetes, now dominates the market. This, of course, was not always so, and […]