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Publisher’s Corner: December 2019

Publisher’s Corner: December 2019

Traditions and Discoveries by Maxine Carter-Lome As we close out our 2019 editorial calendar with this December issue and head into a new year, I celebrate my fifth anniversary as the owner and publisher of the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles and the magazine enters its 20th anniversary year. If you’ve been a long-time dealer, […]

Publisher’s Corner: January 2019

Publisher's Corner: January 2019

All That Glitters is Not Gold by Maxine Carter-Lome When it comes to what we collect, those of us into antique metals – be it silver, gold, pewter, cast iron, or tin – can’t help but be distracted by the unique objects that represent a fine example of hand craftsmanship and design derived from the […]

Publisher's Corner: January 2018

Publishers Corner: January 2018

Antique Technology: Everything Old is New Again By Maxine Carter-Lome Every year brings with it the promise of something new. Automobile manufacturers introduce new model cars designed to get drivers to trade in and trade up; Apple introduces the next generation iPhone to make your current cell phone obsolete; new collections of collectible objects are […]