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Captain America Comics #70: Going Home Again

Captain America Comics #70: Going Home Again

Comic Character Collectibles By J.C. Vaughn Collector Jason Versaggi knows both the cold, analytical, logical purchases for his collection on one end of the spectrum, and the nostalgia-laced specter of, as he puts it, “going home.” “My Mom bought me my first two comic books on a train ride to Florida. My Dad took me […]

Publisher's Corner: July 2015

Maxine Carter-Lome - Publisher

The “Road Trip” Immortalized in literature, song, and movies, the road trip is as American as apple pie, baseball, and hot dogs. We all have stories of family road trips and driving vacations, and most probably the souvenirs we purchased along the way. The souvenir is a tangible memento of the tourist experience. The tourism […]