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Exploring Antique Technologies: Shaped in Steel – Dissecting the Technology Behind your Edged Weapons

The Roman gladius was a short (two feet), sharply-pointed, double-edged sword and its design had evolved over the centuries to be the ideal weapon for the legions of the Roman Empire. It was forged from high-grade steel and was primarily suited for the Roman fighting style, where shield usage was heavy and swords were called upon to thrust and stab through the shield wall. In their book From Sumer to Rome: the Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies, historians Richard Gabriel and Karen Metz wrote that in the hands of a highly trained legionnaire, the gladius “was the most deadly of all weapons produced by ancient armies, and it killed more soldiers than any other weapon in history until the invention of the gun.” photo: Wikipedia

by Kary Pardy There are lots of reasons to be drawn to edged weapons, and their beauty and history are chief amongst them. Each piece carries with it a complicated past that is directly connected to our most violent and sometimes, most noble, heroic stories. Whether you’ve got a parade sword or your ancestor’s Bowie […]

UnEarthed: The Greatest Ancient Silver Hoard Ever Discovered

UnEarthed: The Greatest Ancient Silver Hoard Ever Discovered

Reproduced with permission from Art&Object.com Before there was Normandy in northern France, there was Gaul, under provincial rule in the Roman Empire from the 1st century BC to the 5th century AD, and remains of this centuries-old society still rest under the earth. On a spring day in 1830, a farmer named Prosper Taurin was […]