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A World of Weaving

A carpet loom by Carl Engel with a Jacquard machine on top, ca. 1860. Photo by Dmm2va7; CC BY-SA 3.0

by Mike McLeod Just imagine a world—if you can—in which the process of weaving was never discovered. Without weaving, people from the beginning would have been wearing leather all year long or grass skirts or fig leaves, probably until cardboard or plastic was discovered. Early Stages of Weaving Throughout the ages, weaving has been used […]

Presidential Glass

Presidential Glass

Since at least the 1820s, North American memorabilia has appealed to the patriotic spirit by portraying the presidents who Americans so dearly loved. Manufacturers of material goods charmed the working class-especially the women, who had control over their parlor rooms that “overflowed with store-bought mass-produced objects, carefully arranged …” These items distributed to the American […]