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Seeing is Believing: Extravagant 1950s & ’60s Eyewear

Seeing is Believing: Extravagant 1950s & '60s Eyewear

By Donald-Brian Johnson Photos by Leslie Piña Writer Dorothy Parker once declared that “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Judging by what, for many years, constituted eyewear fashion, Dorothy may have had a point. Although eyeglasses had

Antiques Peek: June 2016

Antiques Peek: June 2016

by Jessica Kosinski Hot-Pads, Potholders and Trivets When it comes to kitchen collectibles, some of the most fun to collect are potholders (pot holders), hot pads, and trivets. In this issue, let’s take a peek at how they have changed

Clockpunk – It’s All In The Details

Clockpunk - It's All In The Details

Rescue & Restore In the days before the Industrial Revolution, even the smallest of watch parts were carefully hand-crafted for structure and balance, then hand-finished and configured with precision to mark time in their owner’s lives. “Just look at the