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Seeing is Believing: Extravagant 1950s & ’60s Eyewear

Seeing is Believing: Extravagant 1950s & '60s Eyewear

By Donald-Brian Johnson Photos by Leslie Piña Writer Dorothy Parker once declared that “men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Judging by what, for many years, constituted eyewear fashion, Dorothy may have had a point. Although eyeglasses had

White House China

White House China

Excerpted with permission from Official White House China From the 18th to the 21st Centuries by William G. Allman The house in which the President of the United States lives has always had a great fascination for American citizens who

Ocean Liners: Glamour, Speed, and Style

Ocean Liners: Glamour, Speed, Style

by Daniel Finamore and George Schwartz In July 1840, RMS Britannia departed Liverpool for the voyage that would initiate transatlantic steamship service on a regular schedule. On arrival in Boston, owner Samuel Cunard and the ship’s captain made a point