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Comic Character Collectibles: In the Time of COVID-19: Pop Culture Thriving?

This Swedish one-sheet for Casablanca nearly tripled its estimate when it sold for $55,000 at Heritage. ­Image courtesy of Heritage Auctions.

by J.C. Vaughn In recent discussions, a handful of auction houses and high-end comic book insiders confessed that in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic they really didn’t know how the market was going to go. Within a couple of weeks, though, it became clear that at least some of the people staying home […]

The Genius of the Reticent Inventor – Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell made the first long-distance telephone call in 1892, reaching Chicago from New York photo: Stefano Bianchetti

by Maxine Carter-Lome, publisher   “The Boston Advertiser prints an interesting account of an experiment in carrying out a conversation by word of mouth over a telegraph wire, made by Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson. … In a distance of two miles, with Mr. Bell in Boston and Mr. Watson in Cambridge, conversation was […]

Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: Amish crazy quilt, $3,125, John Moran

Amish crazy quilt

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far By Ken Hall A double-sided Amish contained/pierced bar quilt rose to $3,125 at a Blanket Statements auction held June 30 by John Moran Auctioneers in Monrovia, Calif. Also, an Amish contained bars quilt knocked down for $2,812; an Amish double wedding ring/Chinese coins quilt gaveled for $1,375; an […]