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Cougar Gasoline sign, $192,000, Richmond Auctions

Cougar Gasoline sign

Results of Recent Auctions From Near and Far

All prices include the buyer’s premium

by Ken Hall

Cougar Gasoline sign A Cougar Gasoline 6-foot, double-sided porcelain sign sold for $192,000 at a Premier Advertising Sale held Feb. 1-3 by Richmond Auctions in Greenville, SC. Also, a Ford Motor Company single-sided porcelain and neon 50th anniversary Golden Jubilee sign, 8 feet tall, rang up $174,000; a Chevrolet “Super Service” and Buick “Valve in Head” double-sided porcelain and neon sign made $168,000; and a Cities Service (Citgo) Koolmotor Oil double-sided “kite” curb sign realized $120,000.