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Gavels ‘n’ Paddles: U.S. Grant slot machine, $2,640, Potter & Potter

U.S. Grant slot machine

Recent Auction Results from Near & Far
By Ken Hall


U.S. Grant slot machine A Mills figural Ulysses S. Grant 5-cent slot machine, 72 inches tall, sold for $2,640 at an Eclectible Collectible Auction held June 20 by Potter & Potter Auctions in Chicago, Ill. Also, a jazz, blues, ragtime and African American sheet music collection changed hands for for $3,600; an O.D. Jennings Club Chief 5-cent slot machine finished at $2,400; a Fender Precision bass guitar played a sweet tune for $2,280; and a group of 35 Fantastic Four comics hammered for $2,280. Prices include a 20 percent buyer’s premium.